Super Smash Monsters – Beta Download

Super Smash Monsters game

Super Smash Monsters is a charming top down dungeon crawling shooter in which you find yourself trapped within a video game world and must blast your way through enemies and bosses to save yourself and your sister from the malevolent King Bit.

King Bit is the ruler of this video game world you’ve been sucked into and he’s holding your sister captive in his fortress. … Read More

The Cat in the Hijab – Game Jam Build Download

The cat in the hijab game

The Cat in the Hijab, a short but meaningful game made for the #ResistJam, has you playing a cat wearing a hijab (an Islamic head scarf) on the subway and conversing with some ignorant commuters about your attire.

In The Cat in the Hijab you play a cat on her daily commute to work. You take the subway to get to work, one that … Read More

EverHunter – Alpha Demo

EverHunter game

EverHunter (previously named EverHunt) is a fun Spellunky-esque roguelike action platformer in which you take a fearless archer down through a series of randomly generated levels as he hunts enemies and battles big bosses in search of a mythical treasure.

The procedurally generated dungeon descending gameplay in EverHunter is similar to Spellunky, but offers some significant differences that make for a unique … Read More