Gunnihilation – Alpha Demo

Gunnihilation download

Gunnihilation is a super cool side scrolling arcade game inspired by classics like Contra and Smash TV, in which one to four players embark on an intense bullet hell run and gun adventure in which the corpses REALLY pile up.

In Gunnihilation you control one of four elite super soldiers sent on a mission to take down a shadow cabal that’s hatching evil schemes … Read More

Elysis – Alpha Demo

Elysis game

Elysis is a charming and well crafted Link To The Past-esque top down action RPG in that focuses on gratifying, skill based combat as you explore it’s deadly monster-filled world.

Even though Elysis is still very early in development, the Alpha Demo is a very highly polished experience, with excellent pixel art animation, engaging combat and a fun and easily accessible tutorial. The current … Read More

Enter the Black Hole – Game Jam Build Download

Enter The Black Hole

Enter the Black Hole, a space shooter made for the gm(48) – Space Jam, has you sacrificing your crewmembers for the greater good as you venture into a black hole to learn more of the mysteries of the galaxy.

A black hole has appeared in Earth’s reach. Going out and exploring the black hole is a dangerous mission, but you have always said … Read More

Return Of The Obra Dinn – Alpha Demo

return of the obra din download

Return Of The Obra Dinn is an elegant mystery game from Locas Pope, the creator of the indie hit Papers, Please, in which you’ll investigate the deaths of the passengers and crew aboard the Obra Dinn, using a mysterious pocket watch to relive the moments before their demise.

We previously covered a very early build of Return of the Obra Dinn a year and a Read More