Void Quest – Game Jam Build Download

Void Quest Game Download

Void Quest, a retro-styled point and click/text-based adventure made for the Adventure Jam 2017 inspired by Sierra classics, has you living out your life on a small piece of land and abruptly dying in some very odd ways.

In Void Quest you are a person who lives out in the middle of nowhere on a small plot of land with your little dog. You … Read More

HEVN – Beta Demo

HEVN Game Download

HEVN is a creepy Sci-Fi adventure in which you uncover the narrative via investigating its highly detailed environment, uncovering clues, solving puzzles and partaking in the occasional bit of combat as you uncover the dark secrets of what’s really going on during a mining mission light years away from Earth.

Although there is a little bit of combat in HEVN, it’s no First Person … Read More

Hyperun – Alpha Download & Full Game Competition (Steam)

Hyperun Game Download

Hyperun is a ludicrously fast futuristic racing game in which you ride TRON-esque bikes, capable of incredible feats of agility and 90 degree turns as fast as possible along gravity defying tracks.

To survive on the dangerous procedurally generated tracks of Hyperun you have to forget everything you know about traditional racing and the laws of physics. These bikes are unlike anything you’ve driven … Read More

Bet Royale – Open Alpha

Bet Royale Game

Bet Royale is a fun new massively multiplayer Twitch-integrated Battle Royale-style survival game that puts you on the other side of the TV screen, as you play the viewers instead of the survivors – choosing favorite combatants, placing bets and ordering air drops/strikes as contestants fight for their lives on a little island.

There’s no shortage of Battle Royale/Hunger Games style survival games at … Read More