Never Again – Alpha Demo

Never Again Game Download

Never Again is a creepy first person horror adventure in which you play a young asthmatic girl who is suffocated by her fears, and must overcome them to solve puzzles and track down her missing family.

You start Never Again in the midst of an asthma attack and must search your room for your inhaler. It’s an unnerving way to start a game, as you … Read More

Freads – Game Jam Build Download (Android)

Freads Game Download

Freads, a clever local 3 person co-op (or 3 fingered single player) game made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you working together to defend a middle circle from small ships aiming for it.

In Freads you and two of your friends make up the three points on a triangle. This triangle’s soul purpose is to protect a circle in the middle of the … Read More

Cardamom – Alpha Demo

Cardamom Game Download

Cardamom is an adorable interactive musical adventure in which you play a cat who enters the lives of three tenants of an apartment block, helping with their emotional problems and listening as they relay their feelings though song.

In Cardamom you play a stray cat who likes to hang around a particular apartment block and spend time with its residents – all of whom are … Read More