Shadow Fencer Theatre – Beta Demo

shadow fencer theatre game

Shadow Fencer Theatre is a fun shadow puppet fencing game with charming visuals, great audio and fast paced one on one duels across a variety of stylish backdrops.

Shadow Fencer Theatre is most fun when played with another player, but it does support single player against a (fairly easy to defeat) bot. Each match is a fast paced duel that consists of several rounds, in … Read More

HE BEAT HER – Game Jam Build Download

HE BEAT HER Game Download

HE BEAT HER is a cleverly constructed and beautifully drawn courtroom visual novel/text adventure hybrid in which you only have time to perform 1 (or 2) of the possible 220 actions before the jury make their verdict about your client – but can keep rewinding time and replaying the same scene to find different outcomes.

In HE BEAT HER you are a lawyer tasked with … Read More

Redum of Sun – Prototype Download

REDUM OF SUN Game Download

Redum of Sun is a stylish low poly open world archery-based Sci-Fi first person shooter that draws inspiration from Doom and Far Cry, which sees you taking on the role of a celestial hunter who must serve the Daughter of Sun to atone for his sins.

In Redum of Sun you must reclaim the beautiful homeland of the Daughter of Sun that’s been invaded … Read More