Tuebor – Open Beta (Steam)


Tuebor is a a fast paced cyberpunk 3rd person hero arena fighter that blends RPG, MOBA and MMO elements as up to 16 players compete in PVP, PvE, Co-Op and PvEvP battles across a variety of fun game modes.

In Tuebor players choose from a selection of over 30 customisable heroes, then do battle cooperatively against hordes of mutants, cyborgs and AI machines, or compete … Read More

Cat Lighter Dasher – Game Jam Build


Cat Lighter Dasher, made for the 365 Indies Jam, is a challenging puzzle platforming adventure that centers around dealing with the loss of your friend.

You have gone looking for your lost love, exploring the underground in hopes of finding them. As you explore, your light will slowly fade. If it becomes completely dark, you will die and need to restart. This light can … Read More

Cosmonator – Beta Download


Cosmonator blends top down shoot-em-up action with a deep RPG-style progression system to create a highly addictive old school arcade shooter with lots of depth.

Cosmonator isn’t quite a bullet hell shoot-em-up (although there are sections where the screen will be filled with bullets), it’s more of an old school wave based vertical shooter that gives you space to breathe (but will still punish you … Read More