Psychedelic Takedown – Game Jam Build Download

Psychedelic Takedown

Psychedelic Takedown is an intense, fast paced and nausea inducing first person shooter in which you go on a drug infused rampage through a labyrinthine maze of corridors, taking on law enforcement and consuming as many mind altering drugs as you can.

In Psychedelic Takedown a drug deal has got horribly wrong, police are swarming around the area and you have to shoot your way … Read More

Super Lumi Live – Early Access Key Giveaway

super lumi live game

Super Lumi Live is a fun fast paced platforming adventure with a focus on speed running and hardcore precision platforming as you run and jump through its deviously designed neon-filled levels for an extreme reality TV show.

Each level in Super Lumi Live has a selection of collectables to find and a wide array of deadly hazards that you’ll need to dodge on your way … Read More

The Story of The Revolutionary Watermelon – Game Jam Build Download

the story of the revolutionary watermellon

The Story of The Revolutionary Watermelon (Fully titled as ‘The Story of The Revolutionary Watermelon That Wanted To Live Free as a Bird and learned how to escape”) is a short, strange and oddly addictive physics based melon rolling adventure in which you attempt to assist a humble little watermelon as it makes a break for freedom!

Watermelons aren’t the most motile of objects, … Read More