Desolation – Student Project Download

Desolation Game

Desolation is a very cleverly crafted first person puzzler that blends zero gravity, grappling hooks and Portal-esque physics based puzzles as you attempt to survive after your space station is nearly wiped out after a catastrophic event.

Created by students of the DigiPen Institute of Technology, Desolation offers a brain teasing puzzle platforming experience and a dark sci-fi narrative that’s reminiscent of 2001: A Read More

Miniverse – Game Jam Build

Miniverse game

Miniverse is a fun turn based interplanetary combat game in which you pilot a little planet around the galaxy, collecting and crafting weaponry that can be used to battle tiny Gods who live on little worlds.

Set ‘somewhere between deep cosmic galaxies and the vast open crevices of your couch’, in Miniverse you control a little God who battles other Gods using everyday trash, such … Read More

LUCAH – Alpha Demo

LUCAH Game Download

LUCAH is a ridiculously stylish and tense dungeon crawling action RPG with intense Dark Soulsian combat, beautifully animated visuals and a dark narrative in which you explore a nightmarish, monster infested-world.

We first featured LUCAH back in 2016 and were very impressed with it’s striking visual style, deep tactical combat and freaky enemies. The previous build was more of a series of random kill rooms, … Read More