Tree – Prototype Download

Tree game

Tree is a beautiful little game which explores the passage of time as you shape the growth of a tree and watch as a young boy grows up alongside it.

Tree starts with a young boy taking care of a little tree – a tree that he cares for and returns to at different points over his entire life. To progress the game you click … Read More

Usurper – Alpha Demo

Unsurper game download

Usurper is a fantastic new action RPG metroidvania inspired by Symphony of the Night, Super Metroid and Dark Souls, in which you explore an alternate version of 1898 London using powers bestowed upon you by a symbiotic spirit to hack, slash and shoot your way through all manner of deadly horrors.

Usurper is the sequel to Shrouded in Sanity (although no previous knowledge of … Read More

My Own Little Planet – Alpha Demo

My Own Little Planet

My Own Little Planet is a beautifully drawn rage inducing platforming adventure in which you play a lost little boy who must face his deepest fears in order to escape from the nightmarish world he’s trapped in.

My Own Little Planet is very tough game, packed full of horrible ways to die that you won’t see coming – you’ll most likely die 20 times before … Read More