Black Squad – Open Beta (Steam)

Black Squad Game Download

Black Squad is a slick online multiplayer military shooter with fast paced, balanced, skill-based first person combat that offers a real alternative to Counter Strike: GO.

We first featured Black Squad on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up and were very impressed with its surprisingly well balanced take on the free to play first person shooter genre. There can be occasional … Read More

DragonFishing – Student Project Download

Dragon Fishing Game Download

DragonFishing is a fun fantasy action RPG in which you fly through the skies in your airship, fishing for giant dragons!

In DragonFishing you play a novice sky captain who must navigate the skies and battle dragons in the hope of rescuing your uncle from a gigantic leviathan. Aside from the easy tutorial dragon, you’ll need to take on four different dragons spread across the … Read More

Stayin’ Alive – Alpha Demo (Steam)

stayin alive game download

Stayin’ Alive is a very silly asymmetric multiplayer game in which a team of wheelchair-bound retirees attempt to kill themselves while a team of nurses try their best to keep the old codgers alive.

Stayin’ Alive plays a little like an OAP version of Who’s Your Daddy, but instead of being 1v1, it features teams of four facing off against each other. The cantankerous … Read More