Vortex – Game Jam Build Download

VORTEX Game Download

Vortex is an addictive, rage inducing precision platformer made for the Hit Playtime 2017, that sees you using the gravitational fields of super dense vortices as you chase after a more powerful version of yourself.

Vortex tells the tale of the great Dhaï Enne Rithraï, a powerful being who could create portals to travel through universes but also had a bad temper. After travelling through … Read More

Song of Fungus – Game Jam Build Download

Song of Fungus Game Download

Song of Fungus is a relaxing puzzle game made for the Ludum Dare 38 that sees you turning wild mushrooms blue and listening to the beautiful chimes they make as you do it!

The aim in Song of Fungus is to transform all of the wild mushrooms in the forest into blue mushrooms. Most of the mushrooms start off grey, but you can use a … Read More

Void Quest – Game Jam Build Download

Void Quest Game Download

Void Quest, a retro-styled point and click/text-based adventure made for the Adventure Jam 2017 inspired by Sierra classics, has you living out your life on a small piece of land and abruptly dying in some very odd ways.

In Void Quest you are a person who lives out in the middle of nowhere on a small plot of land with your little dog. You … Read More

Queen of the Vesparians – Game Jam Build Download

Queen of the Vesparians Game Download

Queen of the Vesparians, a charming hand drawn point and click game made for the Adventure Jam 2017, has you going an odd adventure with a cute little alien bear, as he looks for honey for his family!

Honey, of course, is the best food for bears of all kinds (even alien ones). You are looking to gather enough honey for your family to … Read More

SCANLINE – Game Jam Build Download

SCANLINE Game Download

SCANLINE, a procedurally generated run n’ gun action platformer made for the CGA Jam, has you attempting to make it through deadly stages full of enemies and traps, all while avoiding a wave of death coming from behind you.

You have only a gun to help you get through the dangerous CGA world of SCANLINE, while a pink wave of death moves quickly behind … Read More