Hero of Vulcano – Game Jam Build Download

hero of vulcano game

Hero of Vulcano, a fun little blacksmith simulator made for the Vulcan Game Jam, sees you playing a lone weapons maker who everyone looks towards to craft the weapons needed for war.

Creating weapons from scratch is not an easy task – it takes time and needs to be done before the army is attacked. You must gather coal, smelt it in furnaces, send … Read More

Dream Ghost – Game Jam Build Download


Dream Ghost, a short, emotional tale of loss made for the Magic Realism – DIT 2 Jam, has you attempting to say goodbye to someone you love to by talking to their ghostly holographic simulation.

In Dream Ghost you have lost someone very important to you.  You live in a futuristic world where when people die, you are able to continue talking to them … Read More

House – Game Jam Build

House game

House, a very creepy and surprisingly brutal pixel art puzzle adventure made for the Stencyl Jam, sees you attempting to save a little girl from a being brutally killed in her home.

You are a little girl, seemingly alone in a house full of horrors. After waking up in the middle of the night you notice your doll has moved. This doll is not … Read More

Hyper Time Disruptor – Alpha Download

Hyper Time Disruptor

Hyper Time Disruptor, a stylish time twisting Vaporwave tunnel racer, sees you avoiding obstacles around looping tracks, following your previous routes and attempting to catch up with a previous version of yourself!

At the start of each level in Hyper Time Disruptor, you must guide your ship around obstacles and through a tunnel. Your ship starts off going slow, so it’s not very … Read More

Derelict – Game Jam Build Download


Derelict, a retro action platformer made for the GBJam 5, has you exploring an old space station, restoring power to the (rather unfriendly) robots and technology that were left there.

You are exploring a seemingly abandoned space station. All that is left around are shut down robots and battery stations. This space station is so abandoned that the gravity isn’t even working. You must … Read More