The Neverhood UE4 – Prototype Download

The Neverhood UE4 Download

The Neverhood UE4 is a remarkably authentic feeling fan made remake of the 1996 cult classic stop motion point and click adventure – The Neverhood.

For some reason, the original The Neverhood didn’t really do well upon release, selling ony 42,000 copies. Those that did enjoy the delights of the quirky humor, clever puzzles, awesome soundtrack and superb stop motion animation still hold it … Read More

Titanic: Honor and Glory – Alpha Demo

Titanic Honor and Glory Game Download

Titanic: Honor and Glory looks set to offer players, murder and mystery aboard an incredibly highly detailed recreation of the Titanic that will sink in real time.

We first featured Titanic: Honor and Glory on Alpha Beta Gamer over a year ago and were very impressed with the level of detail the devs had put into the ship. The latest build vastly expands on the … Read More

Hazelnut Bastille – Alpha Demo

hazelnut Bastille download

Hazelnut Bastille is a beautifully animated old school top down adventure game that draws inspiration from Link to the Past and Super Metroid, with you playing a young woman who searches an ancient civilization for answers after a great tragedy befell her.

The gameplay in Hazelnut Bastille is fondly reminiscent of Link to the Past, with you solving puzzles, discovering secrets, discovering new … Read More


FIGHT KNIGHT Game Download

FIGHT KNIGHT is an awesome new first person dungeon crawler with fast paced real time grid-based melee combat that sees you punching your way to the top of a massive tower.

In FIGHT KNIGHT you play a knight that does all of his talking with his fists – literally! You talk to NPC’s by punching them, you open doors by punching them, you activate switches … Read More