Spectrum Break – Alpha Demo

Spectrum Break Game Download

Spectrum Break is a very cool physics based puzzle platformer in which you jet board across zero gravity blocks to light them up and bash them into other blocks.

The goal in each level of Spectrum Break is to light up all the floating blocks in the area. You can do this by either jet boarding across them or by bashing ones that are already … Read More

Strike Vector EX – Open Beta (Steam)

Strike Vector EX Download

Strike Vector EX is an intense futuristic aerial combat game with fast paced old school combat inspired by Crimson Skies, Unreal Tournament and Quake 3, that sees you taking to the skies in transforming mech-inspired ships.

Strike Vector EX is actually an Unreal Engine 4-powered remake/sequel to the original warmly received Strike Vector which was released in 2014. As well as having a visual … Read More

ScubaBear – Game Jam Build

Scubabear game

ScubaBear, a charming metroidvania platformer made for the Ludum Dare 29, has you playing a cute little bear who goes searching for treasure!

In ScubaBear you are a bear who enjoys searching for treasure. Some of these treasures are fun little in-jokes, like a flappy bird or a pokeball, while others will really help you explore the lands and unlock new areas. Things like … Read More

Child Simulator – Game Jam Build Download

Child Simulator Game Download

Child Simulator is a very silly little game that authentically simulates the joys of being a parent, creating the child within the womb then watching with pride as the little moron is terrible at every activity they try.

In Child Simulator you start the game drawing individual body parts which are then stuck together to form your child and fired out of the womb like … Read More