Overcharged – Game Jam Build

Overcharged Game

Overcharged, a short but stylish little action game made for the Ludum Dare 39, has you deciding if you are going to use your overcharged battery power for good or for evil!

You are a humble robot who has been charged up with far too much energy. Now you’re a danger to anyone who comes near you and will even siphon more power from … Read More

Running VoltGun – Game Jam Build Download

Running VoltGun Game Download

Running VoltGun is a very cool Gunstar Heroes-esque old school side scrolling arcade shooter in which each weapon has a high power and low power mode, with you toggling between the two to conserve energy.

While you blast your way through the game world in Running VoltGun your health bar is continually depleting, with it dropping even faster if you’re hit by an enemy. … Read More

Radiant Lux – Alpha Demo

Radiant Lux Game Download

Radiant Lux is a very cool abstract 2D roguelike shoot-em-up that features a novel color-centric approach to the way you power up your weaponry, with you teleporting between different coloured dimensions and upgrading your weaponry depending on what color of enemies you shoot.

Gameplay-wise Radiant Lux is more of a traditional R-Type style shooter than hardcore bullet hell, with you blasting waves of enemies en-route … Read More

Pokkie – Game Jam Build Download

Pokkie Game Download

Pokkie is a short satirical game that simulates something we’ve all done at one time or another – messing around on your phone while bored at a party.

Pokkie replicates the simple touch based interface of your generic fruit based device, allowing you to use the camera, change the wallpaper, write memos, play Flappy Bird, listen to music and even use an write in an … Read More