ScubaBear – Game Jam Build

Scubabear game

ScubaBear, a charming metroidvania platformer made for the Ludum Dare 29, has you playing a cute little bear who goes searching for treasure!

In ScubaBear you are a bear who enjoys searching for treasure. Some of these treasures are fun little in-jokes, like a flappy bird or a pokeball, while others will really help you explore the lands and unlock new areas. Things like … Read More

Loop – Game Jam Build Download

Loop Game

Loop, a fast paced Downwell-esque game made for the CGA Jam, sees you replaying the same looping level, but faster and with slight modifications as you attempt to get the highest score possible.

In Loop, you play a small orb that is falling down a hole full of platforms, spikes, enemies, and gems. All of these objects must be reacted to differently … Read More

oQo – Prototype

oQo game

oQo is a slick little puzzler in which you ride waves to travel across a minimalist pulsing universe.

In oQo you control a strange little water droplet-shaped entity that travels across the game world by riding along the expanding circumference of pulsing waves. The waves emanate from different nodes that are placed throughout the game world and have quite different attributes – some expand slowly, … Read More

Void Quest – Game Jam Build Download

Void Quest Game Download

Void Quest, a retro-styled point and click/text-based adventure made for the Adventure Jam 2017 inspired by Sierra classics, has you living out your life on a small piece of land and abruptly dying in some very odd ways.

In Void Quest you are a person who lives out in the middle of nowhere on a small plot of land with your little dog. You … Read More

Phase – Game Jam Build Download

Phase game

Phase, a cleverly crafted room shifting puzzler made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you trying to make your way out of your locked room by phasing between different dimensions!

In Phase you play a kid just trying to leave their room to play with their friend, however the door is locked. There is no way to unlock the door, so you must instead find … Read More