NNC News, with Tom Vandercar – Game Jam Build

NNC News with tom Vandercar

NNC News, with Tom Vandercar, a super funny News game about censorship in the media made for the #ResistJam, sees you censoring the news real before Tom reads it out!

You are in charge of editing the news prompt before Tom reads it live on TV. This news has been typed up ahead of time, covering events that are important to the people who … Read More

Squadd.io – Open Beta

squadd io game

Squadd.io is a fun, fast paced isometric massively multiplayer browser based shooter in which you blast enemies, earn XP, unlock new weapons and attempt to claim a spot on the leaderboard.

Much like any other good .io game, Squadd.io offers easily accessible massively multiplayer combat that you can pick up and play in your browser. You can join in as a guest, but to get … Read More

Whatever… – Game Jam Build

whatever game

Whatever… a short but very intriguing puzzle adventure made for the Ludum Dare 27, sees you playing a sullen teenager who gets bored and starts poking around his uncles house while stating there for a skiing holiday.

Being a teenager sucks; you have no choices in life, you are always stuck wherever people take you, and no one really listens to you. You decided to … Read More

Rainbow Birthday Planet – Game Jam Build

Rainbow Birthday Planet game

Rainbow Birthday Planet is an absolutely adorable little arcade game created for Jupiter Hadley’s Birthday Jam, in which you use a rainbow boosting unicorn to protect a happy little planet from a barrage of asteroids.

In Rainbow Birthday Planet you control a unicorn who patrols a little planet, changing your direction and using rainbow powered boosts to protect it from asteroids. The longer you manage … Read More