Child of Fire – Game Jam Build


Child of Fire, a charming 2D pixel art puzzle platformer made for the GBJam 5, has you exploring a cavern filled with light and darkness as you attempt to find out what put you there in the first place.

In the game you play as the Child of Fire, a kid who has the power to turn his hair into flames. These flames help … Read More

Block & White – Game Jam Build


Block & White is a short, challenging and very stylish platformer made for the QuaziJam 7, that bends light in unique ways as you switch between worlds of day and night.

As well as testing your platforming skills, Block & White challenges your memory, as each level is spread across two different worlds. One world is made of light and ruled by the sun while … Read More

Tracks – Game Jam Build Download


Tracks, a silly philosophical game made for the Stevens Game Development Club’s Game Jam, has you making huge life or death decisions while driving a train.

You have just received your philosophy degree and want to put it to good use. So obviously the best logical way to do this is by operating a train! Yes, you must make huge decisions by choosing which … Read More

Chadwick the Charismagnetic – Game Jam Build Download


Chadwick the Charismagnetic, a challenging arcade game made for the Ludum Dare 36, has you moving a little knight around an environment around with a giant magnet!

Chadwick is trapped in this circular dungeon, only able to move by the magnetic force of a giant magnet located outside the dungeon. This magnet can only move around the circle outside the room. Each time a … Read More

Emily Morrison’s Garden – Game Jam Build


Emily Morrison’s Garden, a hardcore survival planting game made for the Ludum Dare 36, has you trying to keep the planet alive by planting lots of flowers in the correct seasons.

You are on an alien-like planet that rapidly changes seasons. These seasons slowly take over the land in sections, changing the environment as the day passes. The seeds that you have only work … Read More