Unnamed N++ Style Game With Grappling Hook Prototype


The “Unnamed N++ Style Game With Grappling Hook Prototype” (UNSGWGHP) is a hitherto unnamed game that blends (as you may guess) the fast paced action platforming of N++ with the Worms-esque grappling hook gameplay and adds some cool little twists that we’d rather not spoil.

The gameplay in UNSGWGHP is easy to get to grips with but hard to master, … Read More

Puppet Master: The Game (Leach Woman Build) – Prototype Download


Ready for some cult classic horror asymmetric multiplayer this Halloween? Well you’re in luck, the Puppet Master: The Game developers have just released a new build of their game in time for All Hallows Eve, with a bunch of tweaks, improvements and the addition of a new fan favourite puppet – Leach Woman!!

For those unaware of Puppet Master: The Game, it’s a delightfully … Read More

Earth Liberation – Beta Demo


Earth Liberation is a very impressive new single player-focused RTS that channels the easily accessible and addictive gameplay of classics like Command & Conquer, to create one of the most promising RTS games we’ve come across in a long time.

Earth Liberation is a single player focused experience that pits humans vs aliens as they fight for control of the planet. It features a … Read More