Manual Overload – Game Jam Build Download

Manual Overload Game Download

Manual Overload is a ridiculously tough first person ‘button-hell’ game in which you play an astronaut whose space pod is running out of power and must multitask to save his life.

In Manual Overload you start alone in a space pod with only a little bit of power remaining, a few buttons and a helpful AI that gives you instructions on how to replenish your … Read More

BadLands RoadTrip – Pre-Alpha Demo

BadLands RoadTrip Game Download

BadLands RoadTrip is a promising open world physics based shooter with RPG elements that allows you to assemble your own guns and ammo – allowing you to wield anything from triple barrelled revolvers to chaingun blunderbusses!

The current build of BadLands RoadTrip is very early in development so is still a bit rough graphically and gameplay-wise, but you can experience a little of the story, … Read More

Engolasters – Game Jam Build Download

Engolasters Game Download

Engolasters, a short and strange point and click adventure made for the Ludum Dare 39, has you discovering aliens while trying to fix issues with your family at home.

You have been trying to discover alien life for as long as have you can remember. You even moved from the beautiful city of Barcelona to this cold, deserted place of Engolasters in search of … Read More