Dynasty Feud – Open Beta (Steam)

Dynasty Feud Open Beta

Dynasty Feud is a beautifully animated 2D multiplayer area brawler with environmental destruction, fast paced combat and a choice of powerful warriors from different eras in time.

We first featured Dynasty Feud last year during the Closed Beta stage and were very impressed with the vibrant visuals, spectacle-filled combat and destructive possibilities. It features multiplayer combat for up to four players with a choice of … Read More

Robocraft – Open Beta (Steam)

robocraft beta

Robocraft is a very impressive multiplayer robot combat game in which players build, drive and fight all manner of cool machines, from mechs to helicopters, each kitted out with all manner of high powered weaponry.

It’s taken Robocraft quite some time to reach the Beta stages of development (we first featured it in it’s Alpha form way back in 2014), but good things come … Read More

Squadd.io – Open Beta

squadd io game

Squadd.io is a fun, fast paced isometric massively multiplayer browser based shooter in which you blast enemies, earn XP, unlock new weapons and attempt to claim a spot on the leaderboard.

Much like any other good .io game, Squadd.io offers easily accessible massively multiplayer combat that you can pick up and play in your browser. You can join in as a guest, but to get … Read More