Hollow – Beta Demo (Steam)

Hollow Game Download

Hollow is a very creepy first person sci-fi horror adventure in which you explore an abandoned space ship, solve puzzles, fight grotesque alien monstrosities and discover terrifying secrets that will make you question your sanity

In Hollow you play a pilot who transports transports precious minerals from a mining ship in orbit around Jupiter back to the resource-starved Earth. One day you wake up in … Read More

Longview – Prototype Download

Longview Game download

Longview is a strange mix of beautiful low poly visuals, chilled out exploration, challenging platforming and jump scares in which you attempt to activate mysterious black monoliths to communicate with an ancient mystical civilization.

Taking around 15 minutes to complete, the current build of Longview serves as a prologue for the full game, the first episode of which will release later this year in August. … Read More

To Do List – Game Jam Build Download

To Do List Game Download

To Do List, a mysterious point and click adventure made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you surviving each and every day alone on an island – that is until you start to realize that not everything is okay. In-fact things are far from okay on this cheerful little island.

In To Do List, you wake up with a list of things that … Read More

Ink’s Sleep – Alpha Demo

Inks Sleep Game

Ink’s Sleep is a surreal and beautifully drawn horror puzzle adventure in which you help Ink the Cat as he explores his weird dreams.

Ink is an odd little cat who has some very strange dreams, populated with strange puzzles, sentient balls of twine, monsters, mazes and even a giant vacuum cleaner that loves sucking up little kitties.The current Demo build takes around 10 minutes … Read More