Resident Evil CODE: Madman – Prototype Download

resident evil code madman download

Resident Evil CODE: Madman is a fanmade recreation of one of the prototypes that Capcom scrapped before releasing what we all know as Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4 went through several very different prototypes before Capcom settled on the version that we all know and love – one of them ended up being Devil May Cry and most of the rest were just … Read More

MORTEM – Alpha Demo


MORTEM is a tense jump-scare filled first person horror in which you play a life or death game of hide and seek with a demonic girl, and your only sanctuary is to hide in the closet!

In MORTEM you play a family man called Tim Collins. After arriving home late one night you find that no-ones there… no-one apart from MORTEM that is – a … Read More

Murder Mansion – Game Jame Build Download


Murder Mansion is a short and fun PS1 era Resident Evil inspired adventure horror in which you attempt to rescue a girl from a zombie infested mansion.

In Murder Mansion you control a Jill Valentine-styled special operative who enters a mansion filled with shambling zombies and discovers that there’s a defenceless little girl holed up in one of the rooms. What follows is a fun … Read More

The Shifting Room – Game Jam Build Download


The Shifting Room, a creepy puzzle game made for the Ludum Dare 37, has you trying to escape from an ever changing room where all is not as it seems.

You have woken up in a strange room, unsure of how you got here, you need to find a way out or someone to talk too. There are various objects in the room – … Read More

Three: Twenty One – Alpha Download


Three: Twenty One (a.k.a. 3:21) is a remarkably tense blend of retro gaming nostalgia, mature storytelling and surreal horror that explores the concept of how real games can become.

Important Note: We highly recommend playing through the Alpha Build before reading on as it contains some exceptional surprises that we’d rather not spoil. (Hint: If you get stuck on the first section, here are Read More