NIGHT AND FIRE Game Download

NIGHT AND FIRE is an incredibly tough, atmospheric and oddly addictive puzzle horror game in which you play a young girl who’s trying to get a mysterious machine working in the middle of a monster-filled forrest.

At the start of NIGHT AND FIRE there’s no backstory about who you are or what you’re doing in the woods – you simply wake up by a campfire … Read More

Lunacy: Saint Rhodes – Alpha Demo

Lunacy Saint Rhodes Game Download

Lunacy: Saint Rhodes is a very tense and terrifying first person psychological horror game in which you explore a very creepy house you’ve just moved into and unearth its dark past.

In Lunacy: Saint Rhodes you take on the role of an eleven year old boy who’s just moved into a new house with his mother. She’s out at work though and it’s night time … Read More

Contemp – Student Project Download

Contemp Game Download

Contemp is a short atmospheric first person horror adventure that has a incredibly high level of visual fidelity and environmental detail as you explore an abandoned house that may not be quite as uninhabited as you’d hope!

Taking around 10 minutes to complete, the gameplay in Contemp is fairly on-rails, with you going from room to room, triggering actions that allow you access to more … Read More

HEVN – Beta Demo

HEVN Game Download

HEVN is a creepy Sci-Fi adventure in which you uncover the narrative via investigating its highly detailed environment, uncovering clues, solving puzzles and partaking in the occasional bit of combat as you uncover the dark secrets of what’s really going on during a mining mission light years away from Earth.

Although there is a little bit of combat in HEVN, it’s no First Person … Read More