Kirigami – Student Project Download

Kirigami Game Download

Kirigami is a charming little point and click adventure in which you play a cute little cat who helps the residents of a beautifully crafted paper doll’s house.

The paper doll’s house of Kirigami is full of strange residents, who more often than not are missing something to make them happy. This is where you come in – an odd little cat wearing a onesie … Read More


NIGHT AND FIRE Game Download

NIGHT AND FIRE is an incredibly tough, atmospheric and oddly addictive puzzle horror game in which you play a young girl who’s trying to get a mysterious machine working in the middle of a monster-filled forrest.

At the start of NIGHT AND FIRE there’s no backstory about who you are or what you’re doing in the woods – you simply wake up by a campfire … Read More

ScubaBear – Game Jam Build

Scubabear game

ScubaBear, a charming metroidvania platformer made for the Ludum Dare 29, has you playing a cute little bear who goes searching for treasure!

In ScubaBear you are a bear who enjoys searching for treasure. Some of these treasures are fun little in-jokes, like a flappy bird or a pokeball, while others will really help you explore the lands and unlock new areas. Things like … Read More