FIGHT KNIGHT Game Download

FIGHT KNIGHT is an awesome new first person dungeon crawler with fast paced real time grid-based melee combat that sees you punching your way to the top of a massive tower.

In FIGHT KNIGHT you play a knight that does all of his talking with his fists – literally! You talk to NPC’s by punching them, you open doors by punching them, you activate switches … Read More

Unformed – Alpha Demo

Unformed Game Download

Unformed is a beautifully animated 2D action platforming metroidvania that draws inspiration from Chinese folklore and the works of H.P. Lovecraft as you play a heroine in a world where the blessing of immortality has turned into a curse.

Unformed features an interesting (if a little convoluted) plot that sees two cults that have formed around the promise of immortality, and the consummation of pieces … Read More

Virtual SlotCars – Alpha Demo

Virtual SlotCars Game Download

Virtual SlotCars is a fun new game that lets you relive the simple pleasures of building tracks and racing virtual slot cars, in single player or with friends.

In Virtual SlotCars players will be able to build complex racing tracks with up to eight racing lanes, customise their vehicles and share their creations online. During races players will be able to earn XP and coins … Read More