Savannah – Game Jam Build Download

Savannah Game Download

Savannah is a super tough rhythm based gazelle simulator in which you explore the savannah, discovering its secrets and avoiding being eaten by hungry lions!

Life is hard for a lone gazelle on the African savannah. Food is scarce, the heat makes you thirsty and prides of lions want to make you their lunch. Your aim is to explore the savannah and discover its secrets … Read More

LUCAH – Alpha Demo

LUCAH Game Download

LUCAH is a ridiculously stylish and tense dungeon crawling action RPG with intense Dark Soulsian combat, beautifully animated visuals and a dark narrative in which you explore a nightmarish, monster infested-world.

We first featured LUCAH back in 2016 and were very impressed with it’s striking visual style, deep tactical combat and freaky enemies. The previous build was more of a series of random kill rooms, … Read More

A Puppy’s World – Game Jam Build Download

A Puppy's World Game Download

A Puppy’s World is an adorable little physics based puzzler in which you play a cute little puppy who’s getting impatient waiting for it’s owner to come home.

Created for Ludum Dare 38, A Puppy’s World only takes a few minutes to play and the single room physics based puzzle is pretty clever, the low poly aesthetics are full of charm and the way your … Read More

Last Day of the Woods – Game Jam Build Download

Last Day of the Wood Game Download

Last Day of the Woods, a charming puzzle platformer made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you exploring a magical forest, using magical orbs and searching for a tiny forest God.

You are a cute little mushroom creature who lives on the outskirts of the woods. Your world is dying because of evil human spirits, but there is hope. The Small God lives in … Read More