Clarisse – Alpha Demo


Clarisse is an intriguing new point and click adventure game in which you play an AI which is tasked with assisting a Doctor who’s involved in pioneering research that looks set to change the world.

The devs of Clarisse have drawn inspiration from Papers, Please, Don’t Touch Anything and 2001: A Space Odyssey to create a well crafted puzzle adventure with a great sense … Read More

Night Lights – Alpha Demo


Night Lights is a stylish and very cleverly designed 2D puzzle platformer in which you manipulate light sources that can carve out segments of the environment.

Light has a strange effect on the shadowy night world of Night Lights. Silhouetted shapes that look and behave like solid structures can instantly disappear when you shine a light on them. There’s no hand holding and nothing … Read More

KMF (Kill Marry Fish) – Game Jam Build Download


KMF (Kill Marry Fish) is a super silly and beautiful first person fishing game in which you attempt to catch three random fish and then decide which ones you want to kill, marry or fish with!

In KMF you start the game in a boat, with a fishing rod in hand and three goldfish bowls behind you. You then simply cast the rod … Read More

Footbrawl Playground – Beta Download


Footbrawl Playground is a wonderfully silly physics based playground that’s so packed full of hilarious possibilities that you often forget about actually playing football at all!

Footbrawl Playground can be played with up to four players and there is some semblance of a football game in there, with you scoring points for knocking the football through the goals on any of the pitches. You can … Read More