Awesomenauts – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

Awesomenauts Steam Key Giveaway

We have 5000 Steam Beta keys to giveaway for Awesomenauts to celebrate it’s anticipated new 4.0 update which plans to make it’s fun brand of cartoony 3v3 combat free for all!

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Awesomenauts is bringing its popular blend of lighthearted, characterful 3v3 MOBA mayhem to the free-to-play market, giving the user-base a nice boost and bringing some … Read More

Raiders of the Broken Planet – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

Raiders of the Broken Planet steam key giveaway

Raiders of the Broken Planet is an innovative new third person cover shooter that avoids the Gears of War tropes of just running between cover and shooting by offering players a real incentive to get up close and personal for some bone crunching melee combat.

We featured Raiders of the Broken Planet on Alpha Beta Gamer a week ago and found it to be a … Read More

Quake Champions – Open Beta


Quake Champions is now in Open Beta! NDA’s have been lifted and anyone who signs up can now get a Beta key instantly!

As we mentioned during the Closed Beta Sign Ups, Quake Champions takes the fast paced skill based run and gun multiplayer of Quake 3 and adds some shiny new visuals and MOBA-esque characters with unique skills and attributes. The addition of the … Read More