Neon Wasteland – Alpha Demo

Neon Waseland Game Download

Neon Wasteland is a super cool pixel-punk bike racer that blends Runner, Shooter and Metroidvaina genres as you hack the metaverse while riding a transforming cyberbike!

Neon Wasteland plays like a rhythm action runner, with you required to press buttons to dodge, duck, jump over or shoot the various obstacles that you come across while driving your transformable cyberbike at high speeds through a neon … Read More

Rhythm Rush – Alpha Demo

Rhythm Rush Game

Rhythm Rush is a slick blend of tunnel running, parkour and rhythm action in which you run, jump, slide, shoot and wall run your way through a pulsing neon corridor in which obstacles spawn in time with the music.

There are three audio tracks to race your way through in the current build of Rhythm Rush, each with different selectable difficulty levels (we’d recommend … Read More

Eldrich Drop – Game Jam Build Download

eldrich drop game

Eldrich Drop is a short, silly and super cool dubstep DJ simulator in which you play kick ass tunes to some happy ravers, building the song and building up the crowds excitement until you slaughter them all with ‘the Drop’ and sacrifice their souls to appease the Eldrich gods!

Eldrich Drop is simple to play but immensely satisfying. You start with an empty dance floor … Read More