Limber – Game Jam Build Download


Limber, a fast paced hole in the wall game made for the Ludum Dare 35, has you trying to dance your way through walls to pay the bills!

You have to go through some training before you can be a hole in the wall expert. You will learn from masters of your trait which keys make you do each move. Limber has some quite … Read More

GODHOOD – Alpha Download

GODHOOD download

GODHOOD is a super cool rhythm action beat ’em up in which you time your punches and special attacks to beat up demons and impress a dragon-like character that you invented which somehow manifested in the real world.

The opening cutscene is very early in development so equal parts bad and awesome (you can skip it, but the bit where Avadra turns around and the … Read More

Ersatz – Alpha Demo

Ersatz game

Ersatz is a beautiful rhythmic action platformer in which you have to feel the beat, and go with the flow of the music as attempt to speed through levels as fast as you can.

As the rhythmic dynamically progressive soundtrack pulses, you must rush forward through each level, dashing, jumping, and destroying anything in your way. Each level has some enemies that you can dash … Read More