IS(VR)LE – Game Jam Build Download


IS(VR)LE, a mysterious little first person puzzler, made for the global game jam, has you solving strange puzzles to get off a beautiful low poly island.

You have appeared on an island. Around you, there are various boulders, a podium and a painting of dogs playing poker. You must figure out how to leave this island (and no, walking into the water is not … Read More

Settle and Score: Love Encore – Game Jam Build Download


Settle and Score: Love Encore is a super silly little low poly speed dating game in which you must choose three different objects from your table to impress your date and (hopefully) find true love!

In Settle and Score: Love Encore the restaurant you’re dining in doesn’t just serve food, it serves love, or to be more accurate it serves up the ingredients that may … Read More