Settle and Score: Love Encore – Game Jam Build Download


Settle and Score: Love Encore is a super silly little low poly speed dating game in which you must choose three different objects from your table to impress your date and (hopefully) find true love!

In Settle and Score: Love Encore the restaurant you’re dining in doesn’t just serve food, it serves love, or to be more accurate it serves up the ingredients that may … Read More

CrossyRift – Student Project Download

crossy rift game

CrossyRift is a fun little game that effectively uses the Unreal Engine to allow players to enter the charming world of Crossy Road in first person (on standard screens or VR) and get splatted by high speed vehicles as you attempt to cross the road.

For those unaware, Crossy Road is a hugely popular Frogger-esque mobile game with charming blocks visuals and addictive, one-more-go … Read More

Extra Life Jam Bundle – Game Jam Builds


MADJAM 2015 was a series of four game jams in Edmonton, Alberta hosted by indie developer and publisher MADSOFT Games. The fourth and final game jam was held in conjunction with Extra Life Edmonton during their annual 24-hour charity gaming marathon to raise funds for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, a part of the Children’s Miracle Network. The Stollery Children’s Hospital treats hundreds of … Read More