Outbuddies – Alpha Demo

Outbuddies Game Download

Outbuddies is an impressive new sci-fi metroidvania with a unique dual-hero control scheme and lots of depth, in which you explore a sunken city 36,000 feet below the sea.

Outbuddies tells the story of John, a marine biologist who wakes up in Bahlam (the sunken city of the old Gods) and is mysteriously connected to a supernatural Buddy-unit that can hack, scan and manipulate his … Read More

Attack on Kitten – Alpha Download

Attack on Kitten game

Attack on Kitten is a charming pixel art action platforming adventure that draws inspiration from Mega Man and Super Metroid, in which you play a knight who collects magical cats that transform into weaponry and equipment that aid you fish fighting quest!

Cat and fish have never been the best of friends (possibly due to the fact that cats are particularly fond of eating … Read More

Purifire – Game Jam Build Download

Purifire game download

Purifire, a tricky pixel art platformer made for the Home of the Nerds Game Jam, sees you killing yourself repeatedly to solve puzzles, as you attempt to put an end to your tortured existence in a place were you cannot truly die or truly live.

In Purifire you play Shiron, a tortured soul who is trying to achieve death in a lost world between … Read More