Whisper – Prototype Download

Whisper Game Download

Whisper is an innovative first person puzzle adventure in which you alter the physical properties of objects in the game world, by swapping their sounds with another object.

Whisper takes place in a crashed cyberspace where all the objects within it are just white blocks and the only way to distinguish them from each other is by the size they are and the sounds they … Read More

Gravity Trails – Game Jam Build

Gravity Trails Game

Gravity Trails, a cute planet-hopping platformer made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you exploring the galaxy to find a post office box to mail your love letter from.

You have just found a letter on your home planet. It seems like you might have forgotten to bring it to the post office box. Now is a better time than ever, so you must … Read More

Entropy’s Fall – Prototype Download

Entropys Fall Game Download

Entropy’s Fall is an interesting blend of stylized 2D graphic novel-inspired visuals, physics based platforming and Shadow of the Colossus-esque boss fights as you attempt to slay colossal mythical warriors.

In Entropy’s Fall you control Kayos, a powerful warrior who has been tasked by the God of Justice to hunt down and kill the Arafa – mythical and well respected beings who each contain … Read More