Rhythm Rush – Alpha Demo

Rhythm Rush Game

Rhythm Rush is a slick blend of tunnel running, parkour and rhythm action in which you run, jump, slide, shoot and wall run your way through a pulsing neon corridor in which obstacles spawn in time with the music.

There are three audio tracks to race your way through in the current build of Rhythm Rush, each with different selectable difficulty levels (we’d recommend … Read More

DUALHOT – Game Jam Build Download

Dual Hot game download

DUALHOT is a cleverly designed puzzle platformer that requires you to think outside the box as it combines the ‘time only moves when you move’ gameplay of SUPERHOT with inventive puzzle platforming gameplay and the ability to project your soul.

It’s a scientific fact that adding SUPERHOT’s time bending mechanics to any game instantly makes it 100% cooler. In DUALHOT, it not only … Read More

Dragon Bros – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

Dragon Bros game

Dragon Bros is a fabulous 2D retro run and gun adventure with action packed combat, OTT weaponry, co-op multiplayer, gorgeous pixel art, a kick ass soundtrack and more explosions than the human eye was built to handle!

Dragon Bros tells the story of four teenage dragons who set out to save their mother from an army of deadly robots that are the remnants of a … Read More