Okinawa Rush – Alpha Demo

okinawa rush

Okinawa Rush is an incredible new 2D side scrolling beat-em-up with fantastic pixel art animation, fast and flowing combat, and a massive Street Fighter-esque move-set with a wide array of attacks and special abilities.

Okinawa Rush takes the classic 90’s style arcade side scrolling brawler and infuses it with modern game design and fast skill based combat. As well as having a vast array … Read More

Laika 2.0 – Alpha Demo

Laika 20 game

Laika 2.0 is a fun new puzzle platforming adventure in which you control a biologically enhanced chimpanzee who carries out special assignments for the KGB in a fictitious Cold War era inspired world.

Laika 2.0 is the second phase of the Russian’s Laika project. The first phase of managed to send Laika the dog into space, but the second phase is even more ambitious. Lanka … Read More

Color Wave – Alpha Download

color wave game download

Color Wave is a very strange blend of fast food and inventive first person puzzle platforming in which you fire different colored condiments at blank walls to alter their structure.

Color Wave starts with you walking into a fast food restaurant and ordering a burger. While that may sound pretty normal, everything that happens once you take a bite of that burger is anything but! … Read More

Ponyvania: Order of Equestria – Beta Download

Ponyvania order of equestria download

Ponyvania: Order of Equestria is a surprisingly good blend of My Little Pony and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia in which you play a little pony who battles challenging enemies, collects loot and levels up as you attempt to save the kingdom of Chanterlot from Discord the lord of Chaos.

You don’t need to know anything about My Little Pony to enjoy Ponyvania: Order of EquestriaRead More

Dogolrax – Alpha Demo

dogolrax download

Dogolrax is an absolutely insane action platforming adventure that draws inspiration from Another World, retro arcade games, sci-fi movies and Anime as you embark on an incredibly weird adventure packed full of horrible ways to die, fun easter eggs, bizarre creatures, silly humor and lots of ‘WTF??’ moments

Dogolrax starts off a little like Another World, with you playing an amnesiac who wakes … Read More