The Pear Game – Alpha Download

The Pear Game Download

The Pear Game is….well to be honest after playing it through to completion it’s hard to say exactly what The Pear Game is – it’s a quirky hand drawn 2D adventure, it’s a 3rd person exploration game, it’s a first person narrative adventure, it’s a lighthearted in-joke filled romp, it’s an introspective look at game development and much more besides.

The Pear Game is a … Read More

Small World – Game Jam Build Download

Small World Game Download

Small World, a super stylish isometric platform puzzler made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you using a grappling hook and a spade to alter the layout of levels to allow you to reach the exit.

In Small World, your aim is to explore the environment around you, collect red shards and making it to a red portal. This portal is quite easy … Read More

Eagle Island – Pre-Alpha Download

Eagle Island Game Download

Eagle Island is a fabulous pixel art platforming roguelite adventure in which you and your trusty owl explore vibrant procedurally generated worlds and attempt to rescue your owl’s brother from a powerful avian deity.

In Eagle Island you control a young boy who, alongside his owl Quill, explores a beautiful avian island filled with lush forests, mysterious caverns and ruins of lost civilizations. Your trusty … Read More

Desolation – Student Project Download

Desolation Game

Desolation is a very cleverly crafted first person puzzler that blends zero gravity, grappling hooks and Portal-esque physics based puzzles as you attempt to survive after your space station is nearly wiped out after a catastrophic event.

Created by students of the DigiPen Institute of Technology, Desolation offers a brain teasing puzzle platforming experience and a dark sci-fi narrative that’s reminiscent of 2001: A Read More