Broken Paradox – Game Jam Build Download


Broken Paradox, a creepy game made for the Fermi Paradox Jam, has you exploring a science facility under lockdown after a mysterious event took place.

Your son worked at a science lab. He was quite new to the job, but that did not stop the lead scientist from keeping him in the lockdown that happened at the building a few months ago. Your son … Read More

Scribble Ships – Beta Download


Scribble Ships is a fun little 2D top down shooter in which you can draw your own ship and take it into battle against little doodle ships on a scrap of paper!

The evil black and white doodle spaceships are attacking you and attempting to take your color away. It’s up to you to blast them with your paint guns to color them in and … Read More

Marrow – Beta Sign Up


Marrow is a very creepy looking 2D action adventure in which you leap, crawl and slash your way through a labyrinthine cave system within the bowels of a mountain, as you attempt to find your missing friends who cry out for help.

Marrow conveys it’s unique story through the game world and gameplay, with no exposition, no dialogue and no cutscenes.  A little like Dark Read More

Monolith – Alpha Demo


Monoltith is a superb procedurally generated roguelike shoot-em-up that plays like the beautiful bastard child of The Binding of Isaac and a Treasure bullet hell shooter.

The game structure in Monolith is very reminiscent of Binding of Isaac, with you navigating your way through a maze of randomly generated kill rooms, battling enemies, discovering secrets, earning stackable upgrades and battling huge bosses. The bullet … Read More