CHANGE – Alpha Demo

CHANGE Game Download

CHANGE is a thought provoking and emotional roguelike survival game in which you make tough choices and attempt to survive as a homeless person on the streets of an endless procedurally generated city.

CHANGE is being created by Delve Interactive, and draws on their own fears of homelessness brought about by nearly going bankrupt developing their previous game – PONCHO. You start the game … Read More

Displaced – Beta Demo (Steam)

Displaced game download

Displaced is an intriguing narrative based survival game in which you attempt to help a group of survivors escape a country that has turned into a war zone.

At the start of every game in Displaced you get to choose five survivors to take with you in your group. They’re normal people, not soldiers, who find themselves fighting for survival after a clash between separatists … Read More

Eagle Island – Pre-Alpha Download

Eagle Island Game Download

Eagle Island is a fabulous pixel art platforming roguelite adventure in which you and your trusty owl explore vibrant procedurally generated worlds and attempt to rescue your owl’s brother from a powerful avian deity.

In Eagle Island you control a young boy who, alongside his owl Quill, explores a beautiful avian island filled with lush forests, mysterious caverns and ruins of lost civilizations. Your trusty … Read More

MòŌóN – Prototype Download

MoOoN game download

MòŌóN is a charming and challenging roguelike zero gravity spelunking shooter in which you help The Major explore treacherous caves, blast enemies and find the lost parts required to build his ship before his air runs out.

In MòŌóN you control The Major, a stranded astronaut who jetpacks his way around a procedurally generated cave system looking for parts of his crashed spaceship. The pixel … Read More

Moor – Alpha Demo

Moor Game Download

Moor is a very cool new first person roguelike dungeon crawler with a stylish blend of 3D and 2D sprite based visuals in which you make your way through levels of a procedurally generated labyrinth, fighting enemies, collecting loot, solving puzzles and battling huge bosses.

The goal of Moor is simple – try to get as far down into the dungeon as possible before your … Read More