They Look Strange And Have To Die – Game Jam Build Download

They Look Strange and Have to Die

They Look Strange And Have To Die is a fun turn based roguelike first person dungeon crawler/shooter made for the 7DRL Challenge, in which you crash land on an alien planet and must blast your way past aliens as you attempt to find a portal to take you home.

You’re stranded on a strange planet full of hostile aliens that you have crashed landed onto. … Read More

Under The Farm – Prototype Download

Under The Farm Game Download

Under The Farm is a challenging voxel-based bullet hell roguelike dungeon crawler inspired by Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, in which you play a farmer who discovers a demon-filled dungeon under his farm!

Much like in Binding of Isaac, in Under The Farm you start off the game massively underpowered, with only a feeble handgun and a garden rake to fend off … Read More

Atomic Heist – Beta Download

Atomic Heist Game Download

Atomic Heist is a very tough blend of 2D space shooting and roguelike dungeon crawling in which you blast enemies and collect power-ups and stackable upgrades, as you infiltrate procedurally generated space stations to prevent them from building a doomsday device.

Atomic Heist looks like an old school top down twin-stick space shooter, but the gameplay much more resembles a that of a dungeon crawling … Read More

Distrust – Beta Demo (Steam)

Distrust Game Download

Distrust is a tense isometric Arctic survival horror game inspired by John Carpenter’s The Thing in which you help a band of explorers stave off fatigue and sleep as they’re stalked by a terrifying force that sucks the life from their bodies.

In Distrust you control a group of survivors who crash land near a remote Arctic base. This base is randomly generated for each … Read More