Iron Tides – Pre-Alpha Demo & Steam Key Giveaway


Iron Tides is a great rogue-lite adventure that blends elements of survival, resource management and turn based tactics as you sail your band of Vikings around the seas looting and pillaging as they go.

We first featured Iron Tides a couple of months ago, and were very impressed with the easily accessible strategic gameplay and the fun visual style. Since then the devs have … Read More

Monolith – Alpha Demo


Monoltith is a superb procedurally generated roguelike shoot-em-up that plays like the beautiful bastard child of The Binding of Isaac and a Treasure bullet hell shooter.

The game structure in Monolith is very reminiscent of Binding of Isaac, with you navigating your way through a maze of randomly generated kill rooms, battling enemies, discovering secrets, earning stackable upgrades and battling huge bosses. The bullet … Read More

Ghost City Rising – Alpha Download


Ghost City Rising is a fun first person roguelite in which you attempt to scale a high rise apartment block that’s packed full of haunted furniture!

In Ghost City Rising you smash up possessed furniture, collect their eyeballs, and make your way up the increasingly challenging procedurally generated levels of a haunted apartment block. Things start of fairly easily on the bottom floor, but the … Read More

LUCAH – Alpha Demo


LUCAH is a very stylish and challenging nightmarish action RPG with beautiful minimalist visuals and tactical combat reminiscent of the Dark Souls series.

The current build os LUCAH focuses on the combat, pitting you against a increasingly deadly enemies in a series of kill rooms. After you kill a set amount of enemies you’ll get a choice of upgrading your health or your mana, or … Read More