Riders of Rhea – Game Jam Build Download

Riders of Rhea game

Riders of Rhea is a super cool top down motorbike combat roguelike in which you blast enemies, collect upgrades and attempt to survive on a distant moon for as long as possible.

Created for the 7DRL Jam, in Riders of Rhea you control a nifty little motorbike that must fight for survival against increasingly tough gangs of bikers. You start with a standard motorbike, but … Read More

nullpointer – Gamejam Build Download

nullpointer game download

nullpointer is a super cool procedurally generated first person cyber shooter that plays like a first person Geometry Wars, with intense skill based combat against swarms of neon shapes that’ll test your reflexes to the limit.

Created for in just five days for 7drl, nullpointer is an intense first person shooter with silky smooth controls and very satisfying combat as you navigate a procedurally … Read More

Adventuring Gentleman – Beta Demo

adventuring gentleman game

Adventuring Gentleman is a fun Steampunk roguelite action platformer in which you battle enemies, collect stackable upgrades and fight challenging bosses.

Adventuring Gentleman sees you battling your way through a series of one-screen arenas with only a clockwork musket to defend yourself. The gameply’s fairly simple, but the charming victorian steampunk visual design adds a lot of character to the game and the stackable upgrades … Read More

Smallest Dungeon – Game Jam Build Download

smallest dungeon

Smallest Dungeon is a simple and addictive little dungeon crawler in which your heroes actions are all automated – with you just having to choose what stackable power-ups they accrue between rounds and when to heal them.

Some RPGs are skill based, but a lot of them are less about how good you actually are with a sword and more about how you’ve levelled your … Read More