Iron Tides – Pre-Alpha Demo & Steam Key Giveaway


Iron Tides is a great rogue-lite adventure that blends elements of survival, resource management and turn based tactics as you sail your band of Vikings around the seas looting and pillaging as they go.

We first featured Iron Tides a couple of months ago, and were very impressed with the easily accessible strategic gameplay and the fun visual style. Since then the devs have … Read More

Vigilantes – Alpha Download


Vigilantes is a tense crime themed turn based strategy game in which you lead a team of vigilantes as they wage war against the crimelords of Reiker City.

In Vigilantes you assume the role of Sam Contino, an idealist who has decided to fight back against the crime that has infected his once great city. During the game you’ll fight 3 distinct crime gangs, run … Read More

Steamfarer – Alpha Download


Steamfarer is a very cool steampunk RPG in which you explore, recruit crewmembers, collect loot and take part in tactical turn based combat with your upgradable airship.

Steamfarer feels a lot like a traditional JRPG, with strategic turn based combat, XP, a large world to explore, loot, upgrades and lots of customization options. The main difference with Steamfarer though is that you don’t control an … Read More