Mesozoica – Tech Demo

Mesozoica Game Download

Mesozoica is a very promising new game that will allow players to build their very own Jurassic Park, populating it with over 60 species of dinosaur, and even controlling them in third person, whilst attempting to keep their visitors (reasonably) safe.

The current Tech Demo of Mesozoica is very early in development, with only a handful of dinosaurs and building options available but shows … Read More

Tracks – Beta Download

Tracks game download

Tracks is a fun little virtual wooden train set that allows you to easily build all manner of fun track designs then jump in the train and ride along them when you’re done!

Building the your tracks in Tracks is very easy, you simply point in the direction you want to build in and click. You can build in any direction, including upwards, with little … Read More

STACK – Game Jam Build Download

STACK Game Download

STACK is a fun little puzzle platformer in which you attempt to pile up objects into a giant tower so you can reach a mysterious floating island in the sky.

There’s a strange floating island in the sky that you’ve always been forbidden to go to, but everyone seems to have gone missing, so now’s your chance to check it out. There is a problem … Read More