Mesozoica – Tech Demo

Mesozoica Game Download

Mesozoica is a very promising new game that will allow players to build their very own Jurassic Park, populating it with over 60 species of dinosaur, and even controlling them in third person, whilst attempting to keep their visitors (reasonably) safe.

The current Tech Demo of Mesozoica is very early in development, with only a handful of dinosaurs and building options available but shows … Read More

CHANGE – Alpha Demo

CHANGE Game Download

CHANGE is a thought provoking and emotional roguelike survival game in which you make tough choices and attempt to survive as a homeless person on the streets of an endless procedurally generated city.

CHANGE is being created by Delve Interactive, and draws on their own fears of homelessness brought about by nearly going bankrupt developing their previous game – PONCHO. You start the game … Read More

Little Lands – Game Jam Build Download

Little Lands Game

Little Lands is a charming tile-based isometric town building game in which you attempt to build a civilisation on a tiny bit of land floating in space.

Little Lands offers a fun and easily accessible take on the city building genre by presenting you with a micro-world that doesn’t need much micro-management. There are four resources – food, wood, stone and workers, with food being … Read More

Savannah – Game Jam Build Download

Savannah Game Download

Savannah is a super tough rhythm based gazelle simulator in which you explore the savannah, discovering its secrets and avoiding being eaten by hungry lions!

Life is hard for a lone gazelle on the African savannah. Food is scarce, the heat makes you thirsty and prides of lions want to make you their lunch. Your aim is to explore the savannah and discover its secrets … Read More