The Universim – Alpha Demo (Steam)

The Universim Game Download

The Universim is an epic and easily accessible god sim in which you nurture the inhabitants of a small planetoid from the stone age to the space age.

We first featured The Universim on Alpha Beta Gamer way back in 2014 and were impressed with its unique take on the god sim genre. In the game you don’t interact with the population directly, so there’s … Read More

Child Simulator – Game Jam Build Download

Child Simulator Game Download

Child Simulator is a very silly little game that authentically simulates the joys of being a parent, creating the child within the womb then watching with pride as the little moron is terrible at every activity they try.

In Child Simulator you start the game drawing individual body parts which are then stuck together to form your child and fired out of the womb like … Read More

Titanic: Honor and Glory – Alpha Demo

Titanic Honor and Glory Game Download

Titanic: Honor and Glory looks set to offer players, murder and mystery aboard an incredibly highly detailed recreation of the Titanic that will sink in real time.

We first featured Titanic: Honor and Glory on Alpha Beta Gamer over a year ago and were very impressed with the level of detail the devs had put into the ship. The latest build vastly expands on the … Read More

Cold Hearts – Alpha Demo

Cold Hearts Download

Cold Hearts is a very odd visual novel adventure in which you date refrigerators and contemplate the meaning of life.

In Cold Hearts you play a guy or girl who’s father has recently passed away, leaving you his appliance store. You’re dealing with he grief and attempting to do your best with the store and then one night your kitchen refrigerator clomps through to your … Read More