Your Little Human – Game Jam Build Download


Your Little Human, an addictive and frantic blend of Tamagotchi and time management made for the Ludum Dare 37, has you balancing the needs of your own little pet human!

In Your Little Human you must attempt to survive for as long as you can while managing different aspects of your life. You need food, entertainment, sleep, and to use the bathroom. You also … Read More

KMF (Kill Marry Fish) – Game Jam Build Download


KMF (Kill Marry Fish) is a super silly and beautiful first person fishing game in which you attempt to catch three random fish and then decide which ones you want to kill, marry or fish with!

In KMF you start the game in a boat, with a fishing rod in hand and three goldfish bowls behind you. You then simply cast the rod … Read More

QuestMatch.Com – Game Jam Build Download


QuestMatch.Com is a fun blend of Tinder and RPG adventuring in which you use a smart phone app to find suitable partners to go on quests with!

Times were that finding a team of adventurers to go on quests with was hard – you’d have to go out into the world, meet them and perform tasks to earn their trust. Everything is much easier now … Read More

Raft – Prototype Download


Raft is a challenging first person survival game in which you attempt to survive out at sea on a raft with only floating debris to build with and a troublesome shark to keep you company!

You start Raft with just a small raft made out of driftwood and a big hook on a rope. This hook isn’t used for catching fish, rather you use it … Read More