Beholder – Beta Demo (Steam)


Beholder is a very cool blend of building management sim, stealth, spying and Papers, Please-esque moral dilemmas, with you playing a building landlord who must report any tenants who break the totalitarian governments strictly enforced rules.

We’ve featured Beholder a couple of times on Alpha Beta Gamer, and have been very impressed with the games high quality animation, fun spying mechanics and the tough … Read More

Hello Neighbor – Pre-Alpha Download


Hello Neighbor is an awesome blend of stealth, horror and mischief, in which you use traps, distractions and hiding places in an attempt to outsmart the games advanced AI and break into your neighbours basement to find out what dark secrets he’s hiding there!

We first featured Hello Neighbor during the Alpha sign up phase, but now the Pre-Alpha build is available for all to … Read More

Sword With Sauce – Prototype Download


Sword With Sauce is a super cool first person stealth combat game in which you use a razor sharp samurai sword and variety of nifty gadgets to slice your way through a small army of enemies who are patrolling a house.

Sword With Sauce may be a fast paced first person shooter/slasher, but it actually feels a lot like Hitman, with you able to … Read More

ShadoWalker – Student Project Download


ShadoWalker is a gorgeous stealth action game in which you control a demonic monster who must avoid all sources of light, but can transform into a shadow and travel across walls and ceilings.

You are a dark being who has been summoned by a covenant who need you to murder the priestess of light. She is high up in the highest tower and there are … Read More