Witch Hunt – Alpha Demo (Steam)


Witch Hunt is a fun spooky online multiplayer game of hide-and-seek that draws inspiration from Prop Hunt, as a team of Hunters attempt to catch a team of shapeshifting Witches.

After picking teams in Witch Hunt, the witches are given a small period of time to find a good hiding place on the map and select an object to transform into.  The Hunters … Read More

Feral – Prototype Download


Feral is a beautiful first person hunting game in which you play a large cat-like predator who must hunt down prey to survive in a vibrant landscape that’s full of strange beasts.

In Feral you play a big feline predator who stalks around on an alien landscape, hunting for food, whilst avoiding being eaten yourself (you’re not the only predator here). Much like how real … Read More

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun – Beta Demo (Steam)


Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is a squad based stealth action game set in Feudal Japan with strategic real time warfare reminiscent of the Commandos series as you command a team of five specialists in missions filled with espionage, sabotage and assassination.

We first featured Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun back in May, during the Beta Sign Up stage, but in preparation … Read More

Stifled – Beta Demo (Steam)


Stifled is a very tense first person horror adventure set in a pitch black game world where you ‘see’ with sound and thanks to the clever use of microphones, the monsters can literally hear your fear.

Stifled is a spiritual successor to Lurking, a tense horror adventure created by DigiPen Institute of Technology students in which you used sound waves to ‘see’ your way … Read More