The Wall Shall Stand – Prototype Download

the wall shall stand game

The Wall Shall Stand is a stylish BAFTA nominated blend of Pikmin and politics in which you attempt to incite a political revolution in an oppressed city.

In The Wall Shall Stand you a single activist who wants to incite a crowd to overthrow an oppressive regime. To do this you must put up posters in busy areas that will help convert people to your … Read More

Armed to the Gears – Prototype Download


Armed to the Gears is a very cool blend of badass mechs, isometric twin stick combat and tower defense as you hack infantry class robots and attempt to fight back against the machines that have enslaved humanity.

In Armed to the Gears you control big mech style robots that are armed with plazma rifles and rockets, and can also place turrets and call in air … Read More

TinyWars – Prototype Download


TinyWars, a cute Anime-styled tower defense game in the prototype stage, has you placing down witches to defend yourself against hordes of enemies in strategic and surprisingly bloody warfare.

In TinyWars, you start off in an adorable world, looking to defend a small person on a chess piece. Monsters will come across the screen looking to make it to the chess piece to … Read More