The Universim – Alpha Demo (Steam)

The Universim Game Download

The Universim is an epic and easily accessible god sim in which you nurture the inhabitants of a small planetoid from the stone age to the space age.

We first featured The Universim on Alpha Beta Gamer way back in 2014 and were impressed with its unique take on the god sim genre. In the game you don’t interact with the population directly, so there’s … Read More

Drone Commander – Game Jam Build Download

drone commander Game Download

Drone Commander is a fun, fast paced mini-RTS/shoot-em-up hybrid made for the CGA Jam, where you command a swarm of drones and attempt to destroy waves of alien ships!

In Drone Commander your single fleet of drones is all you have to defeat waves of aliens in outer space. You are able to command the formations in which these ships fly around, as well as … Read More