Welcome To The Underwhere! – Game Jam Build Download

Welcome to the Underwhere

Welcome To The Underwhere!, a cute and quirky 2 player game made for the Strawberry Jam, sees you wandering around a strange land, holding hands with your partner and discovering new patterns that you can use to design your own underwear!

In Welcome To The Underwhere! you and your friend (or just you if you can operate a Brothers-style dual control scheme) each … Read More

Dream Ghost – Game Jam Build Download


Dream Ghost, a short, emotional tale of loss made for the Magic Realism – DIT 2 Jam, has you attempting to say goodbye to someone you love to by talking to their ghostly holographic simulation.

In Dream Ghost you have lost someone very important to you.  You live in a futuristic world where when people die, you are able to continue talking to them … Read More

Cheatin’ Hitman – Game Jam Build Download


Cheatin’ Hitman is a fun little sandbox puzzle game in which you play a hitman who’s had a change of heart about his profession, and has decided to stage his targets deaths instead of assassinate them for real.

Created for the Idle Thumbs Wizard Jam 4, Cheatin’ Hitman sees you taking control of Nick Breckon – a Hitman (and Podcast Host) who has a change … Read More

Canvas The Gallery – Prototype Download


Canvas The Gallery is a super fun art game in which you use spray paint to create masterpieces on blank canvases hanging in an art gallery!

The premise in Canvas The Gallery is simple – have fun, leave your mark on the pristine art gallery and create some art (or just create a mess). There are no goals, and you don’t get marked on how … Read More