Canvas The Gallery – Prototype Download


Canvas The Gallery is a super fun art game in which you use spray paint to create masterpieces on blank canvases hanging in an art gallery!

The premise in Canvas The Gallery is simple – have fun, leave your mark on the pristine art gallery and create some art (or just create a mess). There are no goals, and you don’t get marked on how … Read More

Alien Afterlife – Beta Download


Alien Afterlife is a thoroughly bizarre experience in which you are dead and must battle aliens who have stolen a mechanism that is required to re-incarnate you into your new body.

Alien Afterlife is weird, very weird in fact. At first it seems to be an odd non-interactive narrative that sees you dying and having bizarre visions full of surreal artwork and aliens.  But as … Read More

Ever, Jane – Open Beta


Ever, Jane is a unique massively multiplayer online role playing game that draws inspiration from the works of Jane Austen set in a quaint village in Regency England, where you’ll gossip, get dressed up in fancy gowns and go to grand balls.

For better or for worse, Ever, Jane is an online role playing game unlike any other – you won’t be doing anything as … Read More

The ECHO Initiative – Game Jam Build Download


The ECHO Initiative, a mysterious game made for the Fermi Paradox Jam, has you playing around with buttons on an abandoned space probe and attempting to find intelligent life.

The ECHO Initiative was a privately funded probe that was built to detect signals from intelligent life and relay them back to earth. Contact with the probe was lost after the probe left our solar … Read More

Retro YouTube Simulator – Game Jam Build Download

Retro YouTube Simulator

Retro YouTube Simulator is a rather pointless (but still pretty awesome) game that allows you to experience YouTube as it would of been back in 1986 – with (almost) instant VHS home delivery of real YouTube videos!

Things weren’t quite as advanced back in 1986 – computers didn’t have fancy things like ‘graphics’, the internet barely existed and if you wanted to watch a video … Read More