Hyper Gauntlet – Beta Key Giveaway & Free Alpha

hyper gauntlet

Hyper Gauntlet is a first person adrenaline fueled, high-speed obstacle game where good twitch reactions are required to be in with a chance of getting a high score.

The game gives out the great feeling of speed (and a little bit of panic) as you hurtle through the endless corridor.  Every time you dodge an obstacle your score increases, but at the same time your speed increases too.  There is a slow-mo effect that will help you in tight situations, but you’ll still need your wits about you to stand a chance of surviving for any real amount of time.

It’s a fun game that will certainly test your reflexes as it reaches some breakneck speeds, it also features an excellent soundtrack and an addictive ‘one more go’ style of gameplay.

Vote For it on Greenlight HERE

Play the Alpha or Purchase the Beta HERE (Alpha is at the bottom of the page, make sure you play in full screen)

We also have 20 Full Beta Keys to give away, we’ll be giving them out via our Official Twitter account.  They can be redeemed on Desura HERE

Article written by FreakOrama, Check out more of him over at KSalue.com