PackWar – Alpha Download


PackWar is a rather terrifying first person version of Pac Man, in which you must flee from four blood thirsty Pac Men and defend yourself with semi-automatic weapons.

In PackWar Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde are nowhere to be seen, instead deadly Pac Men roam the corridors.  If one gets you in their sights while you’re gathering pills you’d better run, or grab a power pill.  Power pills bestow you with random weapons, such as dual Uzis or a submachine guns – you still have to be very careful when using weapons though, as it takes more than a few shots to fell a Pac Man.

PackWar is still very early in development, so have a few rough edges (most notable the difficulty level and audio), but it’s already a fun and genuinely frightening experience.  Pac Man has never looked so scary.

Download or Play PackWar HERE (Windows & Browser)