Last Day of the Woods – Game Jam Build Download

Last Day of the Wood Game Download

Last Day of the Woods, a charming puzzle platformer made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you exploring a magical forest, using magical orbs and searching for a tiny forest God.

You are a cute little mushroom creature who lives on the outskirts of the woods. Your world is dying because of evil human spirits, but there is hope. The Small God lives in … Read More

Orb Lands – Alpha Demo

orb lands game

Orb Lands is a beautiful and chilled out first person shooter in which you’re dropped into randomized low poly environments and must hunt down the mysterious floating orbs that inhabit them.

There’s very little to fear as you roam the randomly generated micro-worlds of Orb Lands – there are no hazards and the glowing orbs that float around in random directions will be destroyed if … Read More

STACK – Game Jam Build Download

STACK Game Download

STACK is a fun little puzzle platformer in which you attempt to pile up objects into a giant tower so you can reach a mysterious floating island in the sky.

There’s a strange floating island in the sky that you’ve always been forbidden to go to, but everyone seems to have gone missing, so now’s your chance to check it out. There is a problem … Read More

Neon Wasteland – Alpha Demo

Neon Waseland Game Download

Neon Wasteland is a super cool pixel-punk bike racer that blends Runner, Shooter and Metroidvaina genres as you hack the metaverse while riding a transforming cyberbike!

Neon Wasteland plays like a rhythm action runner, with you required to press buttons to dodge, duck, jump over or shoot the various obstacles that you come across while driving your transformable cyberbike at high speeds through a neon … Read More

Snowed In – Game Jam Build Download

Snowed In Game Download

Snowed In is a short and very funny little narrated puzzler that tells the tale of a little girl who’s trapped in a snow globe with a mysterious cottage and a foul-mouthed badger named Colin!

Taking around five minutes to complete, Snowed in combines cute 3D visuals, tongue in cheek humor and witty narration as you attempt to help a girl escape from a snow … Read More