The Unhuman – Game Jam Build Download

Unhiman Game Download

The Unhuman, a narrative adventure made for the Ludum Dare 39, has you deciding if you are going to spend your remaining battery life helping out human.

You are a robot who has awoken in the storage area of a bunker. You do not have much battery life left in you, but you also don’t have any real plans on what you are doing … Read More

DragonFishing – Student Project Download

Dragon Fishing Game Download

DragonFishing is a fun fantasy action RPG in which you fly through the skies in your airship, fishing for giant dragons!

In DragonFishing you play a novice sky captain who must navigate the skies and battle dragons in the hope of rescuing your uncle from a gigantic leviathan. Aside from the easy tutorial dragon, you’ll need to take on four different dragons spread across the … Read More

Stayin’ Alive – Alpha Demo (Steam)

stayin alive game download

Stayin’ Alive is a very silly asymmetric multiplayer game in which a team of wheelchair-bound retirees attempt to kill themselves while a team of nurses try their best to keep the old codgers alive.

Stayin’ Alive plays a little like an OAP version of Who’s Your Daddy, but instead of being 1v1, it features teams of four facing off against each other. The cantankerous … Read More