Under The Farm – Prototype Download

Under The Farm Game Download

Under The Farm is a challenging voxel-based bullet hell roguelike dungeon crawler inspired by Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, in which you play a farmer who discovers a demon-filled dungeon under his farm!

Much like in Binding of Isaac, in Under The Farm you start off the game massively underpowered, with only a feeble handgun and a garden rake to fend off … Read More

oQo – Prototype

oQo game

oQo is a slick little puzzler in which you ride waves to travel across a minimalist pulsing universe.

In oQo you control a strange little water droplet-shaped entity that travels across the game world by riding along the expanding circumference of pulsing waves. The waves emanate from different nodes that are placed throughout the game world and have quite different attributes – some expand slowly, … Read More

Insatiable – Alpha Download

Insatiable Game Download

Insatiable is a very stylish mix of third person exploration and intense top down bullet hell combat that draws inspiration from Devil May Cry, Furi and Nuclear Throne as you blast your way through areas and attempt to single-handedly end a global war between humans and man-made mutants.

Insatiable features a unique blend of third person exploration and top-down bullet hell combat with seamless … Read More

Stellar Codex – Alpha Demo

Stellar Codex Game Download

Stellar Codex is a very cool mix of old school 2D shoot-em-up action and 3D Star Fox-style on-rails space combat that offers a constant, varied stream of arcade action and boss fights as you lead your squadron in intense tactical missions to save humanity from annihilation.

In Stellar Codex you take on the role of Jack Knight, the leader of the United Space Navy’s … Read More