Outbuddies – Alpha Demo

Outbuddies Game Download

Outbuddies is an impressive new sci-fi metroidvania with a unique dual-hero control scheme and lots of depth, in which you explore a sunken city 36,000 feet below the sea.

Outbuddies tells the story of John, a marine biologist who wakes up in Bahlam (the sunken city of the old Gods) and is mysteriously connected to a supernatural Buddy-unit that can hack, scan and manipulate his … Read More

Fort Triumph – Pre-Alpha Download

Fort Triumph Game

Fort Triumph is a great new tactical turn based RPG that offers X-Com-esque levels of depth and ease of accessibility in a beautifully crafted fantasy world where the environment not only provides cover, but can also be interacted with in a variety of strategic ways.

Fort Triumph is set within a rich fantasy world where the Gods have gone mad, their domains are in … Read More

ToyBox – Alpha Download

ToyBox game

ToyBox is a creepy little maze runner that plays a little like a first person Pac-Man as you race through a dark labyrinth collecting gems and attempting to avoid the freaky mechanical monster that chases you.

In each level of ToyBox you must collect a set amount of gems that are laid out around a maze much like the pills on a Pac-Man map. You … Read More

Innocence – Alpha Demo

Innocence game download

Innocence is a very creepy first person horror adventure that draws inspiration from the Playstation 1 era of survival horror as you solve puzzles, manage inventories and fend off creepy monsters while exploring a spooky 1940’s ghost town.

Although the first person viewpoint and faster paced gameplay of Innocence makes for a different experience, the grey and gloomy low poly art style brings back fond … Read More

Welcome To Hanwell – Alpha Demo

Welcome to Hanwell download

Welcome To Hanwell is a very creepy open world psychological horror game in which you explore an entire city that’s been isolated from the rest of the world, and where monstrous anomalies walk the streets.

When the anomalies first arose in Hanwell a council was formed, providing equipment and expertise to help keep its residents safe. Your city was a relatively secure place to live … Read More