Mariovania – Beta Download

Mariovania game download

Mariovania is (as the name suggests) a fun fan-made mash-up of Mario and Castlevania that sees you taking the mustachioed plumber on an epic open world action platforming adventure as he storms Bowser’s Castle looking for Princess Peach.

Mariovania isn’t just a sprite-swap of a pre-existing Castlevania game, it’s a full Mario-themed metroidvania complete with Koopas, loot, powerful bosses and Mario’s trademark head jumping combat. … Read More

BattleBit – Beta Download

BattleBit Game Beta Download

BattleBit is a fun low poly Battlefield-inspired hardcore tactical shooter designed to allow for epic battles between 64-128 players over large maps with lots of weaponry, multiple character classes and vehicles.

Probably best described as “low poly Battlefield”, BattleBit is designed to offer fun massive scale battles that will run on even the most feeble computer. The low poly visuals don’t just reduce … Read More