Songbird Symphony – Alpha Demo

Songbird Symphony Game Download

Songbird Symphony is an adorable pixel art platformer with Parappa The Rapper-esque rhythm action elements in which you play a cute little bird who goes in search of his destiny.

In Songbird Symphony you control Birb, a young bird who leaves the safety of his nest to explore the world and discover his true identity. As he ventures out he learns the beautiful musical … Read More

Voodoo Lockdown – Game Jam Build Download

Voodoo Lockdown Game Download

Voodoo Lockdown is an ingenious little puzzle platforming adventure in which you use the letters on your keyboard as platforms to help you traverse the game world!

Taking around 10 minutes to complete, Voodoo Lockdown sees you exploring long abandoned ruins that are filled with strange space-age machinery that reacts to your keyboard inputs. You control your character much like any other platformer, using the … Read More

Starcatchers – Game Jam Build Download

Starcatchers Game Download

Starcatchers, a stylish, minimalist dual control puzzle game made for the Fantasy Console Game Jam, has you maneuvering stars around obstacles by keeping them intersected by two people’s line of site.

In Starcatchers you control two characters on the screen, both looking out at stars. When their lines of sight intersect, a small square appears, showing the exact point. As you move their heads … Read More

Amberskull – Alpha Demo

Amberskull game download

Amberskull is a very freaky VHS-era inspired first person survival horror anthology that plans to offer four very different environments and adventures that are each inhabited by a unique deadly monster – from killer fish to giant vampire bats.

The full game of Amberskull will feature four different little horror adventures that you access by selecting a horror movie-themed VCR tape from a table on … Read More

Attack on Kitten – Alpha Download

Attack on Kitten game

Attack on Kitten is a charming pixel art action platforming adventure that draws inspiration from Mega Man and Super Metroid, in which you play a knight who collects magical cats that transform into weaponry and equipment that aid you fish fighting quest!

Cat and fish have never been the best of friends (possibly due to the fact that cats are particularly fond of eating … Read More