Infinity Inc. – Beta Demo

Infinity Inc game

Infinity Inc. Is a brutal, bloody and very funny sci-fi puzzle platformer with inventive gameplay that revolves around you creating and killing clones of yourself.

The trouble all started when Corporation Infinity created the QMRD (Quantum Matter Replication Device) – a gun which can clone anyone or anything instantly. While the invention itself was pretty groundbreaking, the sh*t hit the fan when the technology was … Read More

Outbuddies – Alpha Demo

Outbuddies Game Download

Outbuddies is an impressive new sci-fi metroidvania with a unique dual-hero control scheme and lots of depth, in which you explore a sunken city 36,000 feet below the sea.

Outbuddies tells the story of John, a marine biologist who wakes up in Bahlam (the sunken city of the old Gods) and is mysteriously connected to a supernatural Buddy-unit that can hack, scan and manipulate his … Read More

Fort Triumph – Pre-Alpha Download

Fort Triumph Game

Fort Triumph is a great new tactical turn based RPG that offers X-Com-esque levels of depth and ease of accessibility in a beautifully crafted fantasy world where the environment not only provides cover, but can also be interacted with in a variety of strategic ways.

Fort Triumph is set within a rich fantasy world where the Gods have gone mad, their domains are in … Read More

Combowar – Prototype Download

Combowar game download

Combowar is a fun 3D shoot-em-up in which you blast your way through a massive army while transforming between a Machinegun Jeep, an Attack Chopper and and a powerful Mech.

In Combowar you start off in a little Jeep equipped with a machinegun and a rocket with an aim of wiping out an entire army then blowing up their base. There are no power-ups in … Read More

KEANUWARE – Prototype Download

keanuware game download

KEANUWARE is a very strange mix of SUPERHOT-style ‘time only moves when you do’ combat and WarioWare-style minigames that’s plays out in two acts – one where you chase down a Blue B*****d and one where you complete skill based minigames.

Originally created for the #MAKEITSUPERHOT jam, KEANUWARE initially feels like a very good SUPERHOT clone, with act 1 of the game seeing … Read More