A Mind is a Small Place – Game Jam Build Download

A Mind is a Small Place Game

A Mind is a Small Place, a mysterious and meaningful Ludum Dare 38 game, sees you exploring rooms that symbolise how isolating life can be when viewed through the eyes of depression.

In A Mind is a Small Place you explore various rooms that act as thoughts in your mind. The rooms are very different and very stylish, but all of them have the … Read More

Path of the Rabbit – Game Jam Build Download

Path of the Rabbit Game Download

Path of the Rabbit, a sleek and addictive tile based puzzler made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you placing tiles to guide a rabbit around the screen, fighting predators and attempting to level up enough to beat the boss!

In Path of the Rabbit, your rabbit will move along the paths placed out before it, like a train going along a track, until … Read More

Cathode Way – Game Jam Build Download

Cathode Way Game Download

Cathode Way is an incredible blend of first person exploration and 2D puzzle platforming in which you guide a 2D avatar through a series of interconnected cathode ray TV’s that are scattered across a beautiful 3D island.

There’s a peaceful and mysterious atmosphere about the island in Cathode Way that’s fondly reminiscent of The Witness, especially with the all TV screens scattered around the … Read More

Last Day of the Woods – Game Jam Build Download

Last Day of the Wood Game Download

Last Day of the Woods, a charming puzzle platformer made for the Ludum Dare 38, has you exploring a magical forest, using magical orbs and searching for a tiny forest God.

You are a cute little mushroom creature who lives on the outskirts of the woods. Your world is dying because of evil human spirits, but there is hope. The Small God lives in … Read More

Orb Lands – Alpha Demo

orb lands game

Orb Lands is a beautiful and chilled out first person shooter in which you’re dropped into randomized low poly environments and must hunt down the mysterious floating orbs that inhabit them.

There’s very little to fear as you roam the randomly generated micro-worlds of Orb Lands – there are no hazards and the glowing orbs that float around in random directions will be destroyed if … Read More