Vortex – Game Jam Build Download

VORTEX Game Download

Vortex is an addictive, rage inducing precision platformer made for the Hit Playtime 2017, that sees you using the gravitational fields of super dense vortices as you chase after a more powerful version of yourself.

Vortex tells the tale of the great Dhaï Enne Rithraï, a powerful being who could create portals to travel through universes but also had a bad temper. After travelling through … Read More

Under The Farm – Prototype Download

Under The Farm Game Download

Under The Farm is a challenging voxel-based bullet hell roguelike dungeon crawler inspired by Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, in which you play a farmer who discovers a demon-filled dungeon under his farm!

Much like in Binding of Isaac, in Under The Farm you start off the game massively underpowered, with only a feeble handgun and a garden rake to fend off … Read More

Song of Fungus – Game Jam Build Download

Song of Fungus Game Download

Song of Fungus is a relaxing puzzle game made for the Ludum Dare 38 that sees you turning wild mushrooms blue and listening to the beautiful chimes they make as you do it!

The aim in Song of Fungus is to transform all of the wild mushrooms in the forest into blue mushrooms. Most of the mushrooms start off grey, but you can use a … Read More

oQo – Prototype

oQo game

oQo is a slick little puzzler in which you ride waves to travel across a minimalist pulsing universe.

In oQo you control a strange little water droplet-shaped entity that travels across the game world by riding along the expanding circumference of pulsing waves. The waves emanate from different nodes that are placed throughout the game world and have quite different attributes – some expand slowly, … Read More

Contemp – Student Project Download

Contemp Game Download

Contemp is a short atmospheric first person horror adventure that has a incredibly high level of visual fidelity and environmental detail as you explore an abandoned house that may not be quite as uninhabited as you’d hope!

Taking around 10 minutes to complete, the gameplay in Contemp is fairly on-rails, with you going from room to room, triggering actions that allow you access to more … Read More