Splitter Critters – Game jam Build Download

splitter critters

Splitter Critters is a marvellous free-form puzzler in which you can slice through any section of the game world then slide the two sections along to dramatically alter the layout and help your Lemmings-esque aliens reach their mothership.

Your aim in each level is to guide your rabble of cute little aliens back to their mothership. Different colored aliens have different attributes, but on … Read More

Chaos Reborn – Prototype

Chaos Reborn

Chaos Reborn is a great looking tactical turn based strategy game from Julian Gollop – an original creator of XCOM and one of the godfathers of turn based strategy.

Part sequel, part re-imagining of the original ZX Spectrum game ‘Chaos‘, Chaos Reborn takes the original formula and builds on it, updating it for the modern day.  It’s a battle between wizards, with each … Read More



Stones Of Sorrow is an ultra-violent action-roguelike based on historical cave paintings with cooldown based combat mechanics and buckets of blood (or paint).

The levels in Stones of Sorrow are all procedurally generated, with you having to pay a gatekeeper with gold to get lower into the cave.  You’ll find some of this gold scattered throughout the levels, but you’ll earn most of it through … Read More