Corpse Box Racers – Alpha Download

Corpse Box Racers Game Download

Corpse Box Racers is a very silly ragdoll racing game in which you attempt to manoeuvre boxes around deviously designed courses without losing the corpse that’s delicately balanced within it.

Corpse Box Racers is currently playable in single player or with up to four players in local split screen mode. Multiplayer offers plenty of silly ragdoll mayhem as players bump and bash each other while … Read More

The Midnight Sanctuary – Alpha Demo (Steam)

Midnight Sanctuary Download

The Midnight Sanctuary is a remarkable occult visual novel game with VR Support (but also playable on standard screens) that does away with static 2D visuals to create a fully rendered 3D world that makes you feel like you’re actually inside a beautiful Anime movie.

The Midnight Sanctuary is set in a creepy village in rural Japan, where a Saint that was foretold in legends … Read More

Entropy’s Fall – Prototype Download

Entropys Fall Game Download

Entropy’s Fall is an interesting blend of stylized 2D graphic novel-inspired visuals, physics based platforming and Shadow of the Colossus-esque boss fights as you attempt to slay colossal mythical warriors.

In Entropy’s Fall you control Kayos, a powerful warrior who has been tasked by the God of Justice to hunt down and kill the Arafa – mythical and well respected beings who each contain … Read More