Beholder – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

Beholder game

Beholder is a beautifully animated, moral-testing spying game set with a 1984-style oppressive government where privacy is dead and those who don’t conform to it’s rules are severely punished.

We first featured Beholder in July during the Beta sign up and found it to be a very promising mix of building management, spying and Papers, Please-esque moralistic choices, and after having some time with … Read More

Xenoraid – Steam Beta Key Giveaway


Xenoraid is a very strategic take on the traditional vertical scrolling shoot ’em up, with you using short controlled bursts to dispatch enemies, whilst dodging bullets and managing your team of four spacecraft which you can switch between in an instant.

In Xenoraid you take part in procedurally generated battles between earth and an invading alien force. You have access to four ships, each with … Read More

Luna Online: Reborn – Beta Key Giveaway

Luna Online Reborn

Luna Online: Reborn is a remake of the popular (but now defunct) Anime-themed Luna Online, performing some welcome tweaks and additions to the original, while retaining it’s cheerful world and fun gameplay.

In Luna Online: Reborn players will be able to explore the lush, vibrant world of Bluelands – a world filled with charming characters to meet and big monsters to beat. There’s a … Read More

Dead Acres – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

Dead Acres Game

Dead Acres is a survival farming game by Glowstick Games where players must grow crops and defend their farm from an impending zombie apocalypse.

Much like it’s visual style, Dead Acres gameplay is at first glance similar to that of Minecraft. Using the small set of tools available to you from the beginning, you’ll start your day tending to your farm – preparing nearby land … Read More

Wincars Racer – Closed Beta Key Giveaway

wincars racer

Wincars Racer is an online, multiplayer kart-racing game that draws its inspiration from old-school, arcade games. With tons of vehicles, drivers, and alternate skins to choose from, Wincars Racer provides enough customization to satisfy even the pickiest of players.

As we previous covered on Alpha Beta Gamer, Wincars Racer began its Closed Beta test on November 18th. A week into the Closed Beta, there … Read More