Marrow – Beta Sign Up


Marrow is a very creepy looking 2D action adventure in which you leap, crawl and slash your way through a labyrinthine cave system within the bowels of a mountain, as you attempt to find your missing friends who cry out for help.

Marrow conveys it’s unique story through the game world and gameplay, with no exposition, no dialogue and no cutscenes.  A little like Dark Read More

Hoaxagon – Game Jam Build Download


Hoaxagon, a stylish 3D puzzler made for the Unreal Engine August 2016 Game Jam has you manipulating a world made entirely of hexagonal columns to solve a variety of tricky puzzles.

You are in a strange world with a selection of puzzle areas, each of which contains a glowing orb that you ned to collect. The orbs always seem to be just out of … Read More

Project Automata – Pre-Alpha Demo


Project Automata is an impressive new management sim inspired by Factorio and Transport Tycoon, in which you build a vast industrial empire, create a transport network and trade with nearby cities.

The visuals and UI of Project Automata feel fondly reminiscent of the early Sim City games, but thankfully you don’t have to worry about making your whining citizens happy – in Project AutomataRead More

MoonBase – Alpha Demo


MoonBase is a simplistic science-fiction survival game where you are challenged to survive on a barren planet, scavenging for resources and expanding your base. Taking inspiration from hit games in the survival genre like Don’t Starve, MoonBase presents a promising, yet restrained survival experience dotted with a sprinkling of indie charm.

Being that MoonBase is still in Alpha, there is a limit on the … Read More