Saito’s Transgression – Game Jam Build Download

Saitos Transgression Game Download

Saito’s Transgression is a beautifully animated little puzzle adventure in which you play an old wizard whose power keeps on getting disconnected.

Created for Ludum Dare 39, Saito’s Transgression is set in a post-apocalyptic future where electricity is a very precious resource. Your little old wizard is snug and content in his home, but when the power keeps on cutting out and he ventures out … Read More

Abandon Ship – Game Jam Build Download

ABandon Ship Game Download

Abandon Ship is a wonderfully macabre stealth action game in which you play a murderous AI that must kill all the scavengers that have invaded your ship.

In Abandon Ship you are the AI on an automated ship that was sent on an important mission years ago, but has since lost power and been drifting in space. Some unfortunate scavengers have come across your ship … Read More