NNC News, with Tom Vandercar – Game Jam Build

NNC News with tom Vandercar

NNC News, with Tom Vandercar, a super funny News game about censorship in the media made for the #ResistJam, sees you censoring the news real before Tom reads it out!

You are in charge of editing the news prompt before Tom reads it live on TV. This news has been typed up ahead of time, covering events that are important to the people who … Read More

Unloop – Game Jam Build Download

Unloop Game

Unloop, short, stylish and strange time traveling adventure made for the #ResistJam, has you trying to figure out how to escape an intense ever-repeating time loop.

You are a scientist living in a dark dystopian world. The government have strict control over everything about your life, including your lab, the food you are able to eat, and your studies as a scientist. You and … Read More

Purifire – Game Jam Build Download

Purifire game download

Purifire, a tricky pixel art platformer made for the Home of the Nerds Game Jam, sees you killing yourself repeatedly to solve puzzles, as you attempt to put an end to your tortured existence in a place were you cannot truly die or truly live.

In Purifire you play Shiron, a tortured soul who is trying to achieve death in a lost world between … Read More

Melone in the Dark – Game Jam Build Download

Melone in the Dark game

Melone in the Dark, a spooky and very silly Alone in the Dark inspired adventure game made for the Melon Game Jam, has you playing a man who’s absolutely obsessed with watermelons.

Melone is a fancy individual who has one love in life; watermelons. He calls them ‘melons’ and talks about his love for them every chance he gets! His whole home is filled … Read More

Stray – Game Jam Build Download

stray game

Stray, a bite sized dungeon crawler made for the Love Jam, has you exploring a mysterious world, blasting enemies, collecting keys, solving puzzles and interacting with totems.

In Stray, you are able to explore a strange world, full of totems, blocks, and monsters. The totems are the first things you will come across. They make you feel safe when you run into them … Read More