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Virtual SlotCars is a fun new game that lets you relive the simple pleasures of building tracks and racing virtual slot cars, in single player or with friends.

In Virtual SlotCars players will be able to build complex racing tracks with up to eight racing lanes, customise their vehicles and share their creations online. During races players will be able to earn XP and coins that will allow them to unlock new parts to customise their cars and tracks.

The track building is comprehensive, but could possibly do with taking some tips from Tracks and it’s easily accessible approach to the genre. The actual slot car racing is pretty simple, which is understandable considering the type of racing it’s trying to emulate, with you adjusting the speed of your vehicle at straights and corners to go as fast as possible without falling off. It’s fun and can get surprisingly competitive when playing with other players.

Virtual SlotCars is still very early in development so has a few rough edges and not all the features are implemented yet, but it shows a lot of promise and is successful in what it sets out to do – provide an authentic recreation of the joys of slot car racing. A fun way of reliving those childhood races without digging the slot car kit out from the attic and monopolising all the living space in your home!

Note: During races control pads are recommended, but the it is possible to race with the keyboard, with the three different acceleration buttons corresponding with varying amounts of throttle.

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Download the Virtual SlotCars Alpha Demo Here (Windows)

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