Insignia – Alpha Demo

Insignia is a charming and challenging old school 2D action RPG adventure that sees a young man grudgingly attempting to become a blacksmith after the villages’ previous blacksmith (his father) went missing a year ago.

You start Insignia in an idyllic medieval fantasy village where everyone’s trade is predetermined by the trade of their parents, and men of practical trades are sanctioned to travel the … Read More

Project Tetra – Prototype Download

Project Tetra is a very stylish Hyper Light Drifter inspired top down pixel art action adventure that sees you searching for your child in a land ruled by machines.

In Project Tetra you take on the role of a lone adventurer who wakes up in an unfamiliar land. An old man found you and rescues you in a nearby forest, but now your child and … Read More

Murder Machine – Alpha Demo

Murder Machine is a fast paced old school run n’ gun first person shooter that sees you taking on the role of a human that’s been transplanted into a robot body.

In Murder Machine you wake up inside a metallic body, you feel numb, you can’t jump, your vision is pixelated and you can’t tilt your head up or down. You’ll have to blast your … Read More