Rootman: Bodycam Horror Footage – Prototype Download

Rootman: Bodycam Horror Footage is a tense little bodycam footage style horror game where a cop makes a startling discovery while on a call.

Created for the Global Game Jam 2023, Rootman: Bodycam Horror Footage puts you in the shoes of a cop who has been called to investigate a disturbance at a rural house. After getting there it seems that there is nobody home, … Read More

Dark and Darker – Open Alpha

Dark and Darker is in open Alpha, so you can download it now and go in search of loot in this first person PvPvE dungeon crawling adventure.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, Dark and Darker is a multiplayer first person dungeon crawling game where you team up with other players and attempt to steal loot from the heart … Read More

Ravenbound – Beta Demo

Ravenbound is an open world action RPG adventure with roguelite elements, that draws inspiration from Scandinavian folklore as you become a warrior imbued with magical raven powers.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, in Ravenbound you become the vessel of the Raven – an ancient weapon created by imprisoned gods. Your mission is to restore order to the island … Read More

Planet of Lana – Beta Demo

Planet of Lana is a visually stunning cinematic puzzle platforming adventure about a girl and a weird cat-like creature whose homeworld has been invaded by mysterious machines.

In Planet of Lana you will explore a once peaceful planet that’s been invaded by an army of deadly faceless machines. The machines rained down from the skies and are now patrolling the world, zapping anyone who they … Read More

Radio The Universe – Beta Demo

Radio The Universe is a very stylish dark Sci-Fi action adventure where an immortal wanderer explores the ruins of a mysterious city.

In Radio The Universe you are an immortal wanderer who finds themselves in an expansive abandoned city that’s home to lots of deadly robotic defenses. As you explore the city you’ll take in its grand architecture, learn the rules that it operates by, … Read More