CLEO: A Pirate’s Tale – Alpha Demo

CLEO: A Pirate’s Tale is a lighthearted pirate adventure that draws inspiration from Monkey Island and Zelda as a cynical young girl who yearns for adventure ends up getting exactly that!

In CLEO: A Pirate’s Tale you follow the adventure of Cleo, a young girl who is fascinated with the legendary adventures of the pirate captain Cabeca, but is stuck in a boring fishing village … Read More

Don’t Be Afraid: The First Toy – Beta Demo

Don’t Be Afraid: The First Toy is a dark and unsettling first person horror adventure where you attempt to escape from a psychopath who wants to keep you as his human doll.

A prequel/demo to the upcoming full release of Don’t Be Afraid, Don’t Be Afraid: The First Toy puts you in the role of a young boy who has been kidnapped by a … Read More

Draw Your Own Adventure – Game Jam Build Download

Draw Your Own Adventure is a delightful little interactive story where you draw all the characters and make choices as a king goes in search of a queen in a medieval fantasy land.

In Draw Your Own Adventure a narrator tells a charming (and rather silly) story about a King who goes in search of love. The story is played out on a little hand … Read More