FACTS AND FUTURES is a clever little radio wave tuning Sci-Fi puzzler that sees you attempting to match radio wave patterns to decode a mysterious message of warning about the widespread belief in untruths.

In FACTS AND FUTURES you are tasked with decoding broadcasts from an unknown source from another reality which delivers a stark warning about the dangers of spreading untruths and how they … Read More

Perfection – Student Project Game

Perfection is a sinister first person psychological horror game that evaluates your personality as you play it, as you explore a strange clinic that’s dedicated to helping you achieve perfection.

In Perfection you find yourself visiting a psychological clinic that claims to help it’s patients achieve perfection, in mind and in body. It’s an enticing prospect – perfection is something we all aim for in … Read More

Zeus’ Battlegrounds – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

We Have 2000 Beta keys to giveaway for Zeus’s Battlegrounds, a brutal God or War-esque take on the Battle Royale genre that sees 100 demigods fighting to earn a place in Olympus.

We first featured Zeus’ Battlegrounds on Alpha Beta Gamer a few weeks ago during the closed Beta sign up. It’s a brutal Battle Royale last man standing combat game that … Read More