P.Ackman – Beta Demo

P.Ackman is a surprisingly terrifying Pac-Man inspired first person Sci-Fi survival horror game where a yellow suited janitor finds himself trapped on a space station with four murderous space-ghosts!

Pac-Man has seen many different iterations over the years, but one quite as terrifying as P.Ackman. It takes place on a space station inside the Oort Cloud where a middle-aged man called Phillip Ackman has … Read More

Brimstone – Game Jam Build Download

Brimstone is a clever little puzzle platformer where you are a piece of fire that burns and destroys parts of the level that it touches!

In each level of Brimstone your aim is to activate a certain number of altars and make it to the exit. However, when you touch any of the blue areas of the level then it starts a fire that rapidly … Read More

Ruin Valley – Alpha Demo

Ruin Valley is a beautifully animated retro action platforming metroidvania that blends cuteness, spookiness and secrets as you explore its labyrinthine world.

In Ruin Valley you awaken in a dungeon and fight your way through a vast castle filled with bats, skeletons and other spooky monsters. It’s a metroidvania, but there’s far more focus on platforming than the likes of castlevania or Metroid as your … Read More