Blood Typers – Alpha Demo

Blood Typers is a third person survival horror adventure that’s played entirely by using your keyboard to type out commands.

Playable in single-player or co-op, Blood Typers is a typing-based survival horror game where you attempt to escape from a monster-infested movie studio campus. It’s a little like Typing of The Dead, but with much more control of your character.

You can rotate your character … Read More

Project Warlock II – Open Beta

Project Warlock II is currently having an open Beta test for it’s fully reworked version of chapter One, complete with lots of great upgrades and quality of life improvements.

Project Warlock II is a brutal retro boomer shooter that’s been in early access for about a year and a half now. Following feedback from players the devs have totally overhauled chapter one of the game, … Read More

Unbroken – Alpha Demo

Unbroken is a hyperviolent grimdark FPS with brutal Tarantino inspired violence and fast paced Hotline Miami-esque gameplay.

Currently in development by MGP Studios (creators of Project Downfall), Unbroken is a mood-heavy FPS where you attempt to track down a traitor in a grim dark fantasy world. The combat is fast, brutal and visceral, with high-damage weaponry, and plenty of gory slow-mo. It’s not … Read More

Call To Summon – Game Jam Build Download

Call To Summon is an eerie little phone-based puzzle adventure where you capture and summon objects with an old flip-phone.

Created for Ludum Dare 55, Call To Summon sees you exploring a mysterious facility filled with creepy cardboard cut-outs. You come across a mysterious old phone that you can aim at objects to capture them and add to your contacts list. You can then scroll … Read More