Letters: A Written Adventure – Kickstarter Demo

Letters: A Written Adventure is a charming and wonderfully creative puzzle adventure where your character uses words hidden in pen pal letters and AIM style chat messages to solve riddles and decide what person you grow up to be.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, Letters: A Written Adventure is a wonderful narrative-driven puzzle platforming adventure where words really matter. In … Read More

Forgotten Hill: Disillusion – Beta Demo

Forgotten Hill: Disillusion is a cleverly crafted point and click puzzle adventure with lots of interesting lore to unearth as you explore a creepy old museum in a town where bad things happen.

Currently in development by FM Studio, Forgotten Hill: Disillusion is the fourth main installment of the Forgotten Hill franchise and takes place a year after you escaped in the last one. Your … Read More

Concluse 2 – Beta Demo

Concluse 2 is a surreal and atmospheric retro styled first person survival horror adventure where you explore an eerie deserted town called “Hell” as you attempt to track down your missing wife.

Concluse 2 follows on from last year’s excellent Concluse and sees you searching for your missing wife who disappeared three years ago. You received an anonymous tip that has led you to a … Read More