Residence of Evil: Vigil – Alpha Demo

Residence of Evil: Vigil is a Resident Evil homage/fan game that sees you exploring a beautifully rendered (and eerily familiar) mansion filled with classic RE1 style zombies.

Created by Resident Evil fans for Resident Evil fans, Residence of Evil: Vigil is essentially a Resident Evil game in all but name (and the name is pretty damn close too!). It’s an old school survival horror adventure … Read More

Primal Light – Alpha Demo

Primal Light is a challenging old school action platforming adventure where you control a weird blue musclebound creature who fights his way through a fleshy monster-filled world.

In Primal Light you take control of Krog, a mysterious blue creature with a powerful punch and a sturdy red loincloth, who must fight his way through large levels filled with traps, enemies and secrets, then dispatch the … Read More

Estigma – Alpha Download

Estigma is a bizarre horror arcade game that draws inspiration from Pac-Man and Q*bert as you slide around its grotesque fleshy levels, attempting to color all the tiles while avoiding various deadly hazards.

In each level of Estigma you control a weird little abomination whose goal is to turn all the black spaces on the walkways checkered red or solid red by walking over them. … Read More