Back to the Arcade – Game Jam Build

Back to the Arcade is a fun little virtual holographic console that allows you to play recreations of Pac-Man, Frogger and Pinball Action on a pseudo holographic 3D display!

Created for the Fantasy Console Game Jam, in Back to the Arcade you get to boot up a virtual console and play some classic arcade game on its holographic display. There are three games you … Read More

Ikai – Prototype Download

Ikai is a tense Japanese folklore inspired psychological horror game which follows a priestess as she vanquishes trapped spirits in a Feudal era temple.

In Ikai you take on the role of a priestess who was sworn to protect a sacred temple, but did quite the opposite. The temple is now forsaken by the gods and haunted by evil spirits. You must now make your … Read More

Sockventure: Prologue – Beta Demo

Sockventure is a challenging and beautifully animated precision platforming adventure where you become a superhero on a mission to save a kid’s missing sock from a washing machine.

In Sockventure you take on the role of Sockman, an odd little superhero who uses his special skills of wall-jumping, double-jumping and air-dashing as he makes his way through the perilous internals of a washing machine, with … Read More