Out Of Hands – Beta Demo

Out Of Hands is an incredibly weird narrative-driven horror card game where your body is made of hands and you attempt to retrieve a lost memory of a mysterious girl.

In Out Of Hands your character is tormented by the fragmented memories of a woman who is no longer in his life. Throughout the game you’ll work through these memories and try to reconcile them … Read More

The Creepy Syndrome – Beta Demo

The Creepy Syndrome is a retro horror game anthology that tells the stories of a disturbed mind while being analysed by a rather unsettling psychiatrist.

In The Creepy Syndrome you find yourself sat in front of a psychiatrist whose method of analysing you is to make you play a series of disturbing retro horror games. The visual styles of the four different games range from … Read More

Turbo Kid – Alpha Demo

Turbo Kid is a brutal BMX metroidvania adventure based on the gory cult classic 2015 movie of the same name.

Following on from the events in the Turbo Kid movie, the Turbo Kid game sees you making your way through the wastelands after your friend died in a tragic battle. You now need to use your fighting prowess and your biking skills to make your … Read More

Gunbrella – Beta Demo

Gunbrella is a noir-punk action platforming adventure where a woodsman with a gun/umbrella hybrid goes on a quest for vengeance.

Currently in development by doinksoft (creators of Gato Roboto), Gunbrella is a fast and fluid narrative-driven action adventure set in a work that’s running out of its precious natural resource (not too hard to imagine these days). On your adventure you’ll travel to various … Read More