Out of the Game – Student Game Download

Out of the Game is a fun little first person puzzle game where you play games within the game to escape from a game within a game!

Created as a project for the Glasgow School of Art, Out of the Game is essentially the Inception of video games, with lots of game-within-a-game madness. It takes place within a small dorm room inside a video game … Read More

8Doors – Beta Demo

8Doors is a beautifully animated hand drawn action platforming metroidvania based on Korean folklore where you fight your way through a monster-filled purgatory.

In 8Doors you take on the role of Arum, a young girl who has lost her father and many friends due to a mysterious illness that swept through her village. Arum then decides to jump in the ocean and travel to the … Read More

Reactor – Prototype Download

Reactor is a fun little pixel art puzzle adventure where you attempt to collect graphite fragments from the irradiated remains of a nuclear reactor.

In Reactor you don a bright yellow hazard suit and enter the remains of an exploded nuclear reactor. You don’t really have any special abilities other than being able to push boxes and jump high, but you have to try and … Read More