Project Queen’s Meadow – Student Project Game

Project Queen’s Meadow is a stylish first person dungeon crawling RPG adventure that draws inspiration from From Software’s King’s Field series.

In Project Queen’s Meadow you take on the role of an unnamed adventurer who wakes up inside a house within a sprawling cave system. The slime-filled caves are dangerous, but thankfully someone has been helpful enough to leave notes and a some useful equipment … Read More

Black Paradox – Beta Demo

Black Paradox is a super cool retro-futuristic roguelite shoot-em-up that sees you flying a Delorean through the air and blasting aliens along to a thumping synthwave soundtrack!

In Black Paradox you take on the role of a Delorean driving/flying bounty hunter who is able to travel through time by manipulating the energy of black holes (it’d be a whole lot easier with a flux capacitor … Read More

Wake Up – Game Jam Build

Wake Up takes some very interesting twists as you solve puzzles and avoid monsters in a retro low poly dreamworld that draws inspiration from Twin Peaks, Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

Harkening back to the glory days of survival horror, with fixed camera angles and tank controls, Wake Up sees you sees you trying to navigate in a bizarre PS1-era styled nightmarish dream … Read More