Spherical Delight – Game Jam Build Download

Spherical Delight is a short, stylish and challenging little arcade action game where you attempt to avoid objects (and yourself) as you navigate little Super Stardust-esque planetoids.

Created for the Four Game Developers Jam Off the Same Art Kit jam (this time using these assets), Spherical Delight sees you controlling a little spaceship that leaves a Snake-like trail behind it. In each … Read More

Sika: Tribe’s Salvation – Student Game Download

Sika: Tribe’s Salvation is a beautiful non-combative third person puzzle platforming adventure where you can alter the time of day as you attempt to save your tribe.

Created by students at POLE 3D, Sika: Tribe’s Salvation follows the adventure of Sika, a member of a tribe that’s been pushed out of its homeland. Your tribe are now sick and to save them you’ll need to … Read More

Sunset Witch – Alpha Demo

Sunset Witch is a pixel art bullet hell platforming adventure where a young witch attempts to save the local botanic garden from an invading demonic rabbit cult.

Currently in development by Angus Beer (creator of Fragment) Sunset Witch is a fun game that blends platforming with bullet hell as you blast your way through an army of demonic rabbit cultists. The game controls much … Read More

Dog Galore – Game Jam Build Download

Dog Galore features a fun blend of bullet hell and rhythm action gameplay as you dodge dogs and tap along to the beat while running along a deadly pathway.

Created for the Miz Jam 1, in Dog Galore you take control of a brave tribe member who is about to attempt the impossible – travelling along a pathway to the south to reach the Blue … Read More