Food Truck Simulator – Beta Sign Up

Food Truck Simulator allows you to run your own little food truck, where you’ll be able to create recipes, and serve customers throughout an entire city.

Currently in development by DRAGO Entertainment (creators of Road Diner Simulator and Treasure Hunter Simulator), Food Truck Simulator is a simulator that puts you in charge of your very own food truck. You’ve inherited the food truck … Read More

The Abandoned – Prototype Download

The Abandoned is a creepy Shin Megami Tensei inspired RPG adventure where you fight freaky monsters in turn-based quick-time events.

In The Abandoned you find yourself mysteriously transported to a desecrated sanctuary that’s home to an assortment of grotesque monsters. The game plays a bit like a visual novel as you explore the world and talk to monsters, but switches to turn-based combat when you … Read More