drHackDream – Student Project Game

drHackDream is a stylish and strategic action platformer in which you use precision jumping and a cybersword to defeat defenses and steal data from target cyberbrains!

In drHackDream you control the avatar of the titular Dr HackDream and hack into peoples brains as instructed by a mysterious character who seems to know you. Your character is able to walk and carry out a melee attack … Read More

Road Flip – Game Jam Build Download

Road Flip features a fun blend of terrain shaping, driving, platforming and backseat screaming as you take your family on a cross country road trip.

In Road Flip you control your humble little family car and attempt to drive across some dangerous mountain terrain. The roads aren’t actually built yet, so you can sculpt them from the rock using the mouse then try to make … Read More

Warkeep – Alpha Demo

Warkeep offers a fun fusion of Tetris and castle defense as you build your castle by dropping different shaped blocks, then attempt to fend off the hordes of attacking enemies.

The levels of Warkeep take part in two stages – the building stage and the combat stage. During the building stage Tetris-style blocks and unit barracks drop down from the sky and you place … Read More

shortArm – Game Jam Build Download

shortArm is a fun little fusion of music and pixel art arcade action that explores four stages of life in four minutes.

In shortArm you control the actions of your character on the left side of the screen with the left Ctrl key and the actions of your character on the right side of the screen with the right Ctrl key. As you progress the … Read More

IKAO The Lost Souls – Beta Download

IKAO The Lost Souls is a charming but rage-inducingly tough platforming adventure in which you help a cute little furry creature escape the abyss of time.

In IKAO The Lost Souls you take on the role of Ikao, a cute little blue creature who finds herself trapped in the abyss of time, with no memory of who she is or how she got there. As … Read More