Devader – Beta Demo

Devader is an intense twin-stick shooter with tower defense elements which sees you protecting your core of hexagonal towers from masses of swarming enemies.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was in Alpha, Devader is now gearing up for a full release on Steam next month. It’s an action packed 90’s inspired twin-stick arcade shooter where you control a small but powerful … Read More

Woodwork Simulator – Prototype Download

Woodwork Simulator allows you to turn lumps of wood into sculptures, furniture decorations (or smaller lumps of wood) using a wide variety of traditional woodworking tools.

In Woodwork Simulator you are given free reign to saw, drill, chisel, lathe, sand and glue blocks of wood into whatever you desire. The user interface is very intuitive, with you simply picking up the required tool and using … Read More

Chasing Birds – Game Jam Build

Chasing Birds is a charming little experience that allows you to control a cute little dog as it runs around in the park, makes friends, chases birds and does other general doggie things.

There are no objectives or ways to fail in Chasing Birds, you simply enjoy being a dog in a bird-filled park. Being a dog the main enjoyment comes from chasing birds … Read More

Whispers From The Sky – Game Jam Build

Whispers From The Sky is an odd and eerie little narrative driven adventure where you are a voice in the wind that guides, taunts and deceives a helpful little being that’s lost in the woods.

In Whispers From The Sky you take on the role of a mysterious voice that travels in the wind. You have found a young Mism (a humanoid creature with a … Read More