Vampire Hunters – Beta Demo

Vampire Hunters essentially answers the question “what would Vampire Survivors be like as an FPS?”.

In Vampire Hunters you start with one gun and must race down long tunnels into oncoming hordes of enemies. As you blast them you earn orbs which unlock upgrades, which end up filling your screen with a mass of spectacular looking weaponry. You’ll also earn gold which can be used … Read More

Aqua Ippan – Alpha Demo

Aqua Ippan is a 2D side-scrolling shooter heavily inspired by the Metal Slug games, which follows a couple of young divers who are being hunted because of an artefact that they found.

Currently in development by Division 六, a long term Metal Slug fan and custom sprite creator, Aqua Ippan is essentially a Metal Slug game in all but name, but with a few significant … Read More

Heretic’s Fork – Prologue Download

Heretic’s Fork is a very addictive roguelite deck-building game that plays like a Vampire Survivors style bullet heaven game, but with you being placed in charge of an immovable hell-tower.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year during the prototype phase of development, Heretic’s Fork essentially plays like Vampire Survivors, but with more deck-building elements and you not being able to move your … Read More