Infinite: Beyond The Mind – Beta Demo

Infinite: Beyond The Mind is a slick and wonderfully responsive 2D action platformer that draws inspiration from Shinobi and Strider as you travel the world, battling the forces of an evil queen.

Playable In single player or local multiplayer, Infinite: Beyond The Mind follows the story of Tanya and Olga, two young women who share a powerful bond. This bond is the source of their … Read More

Godly – Student Project Game

Godly is a fun little twin-stick shooter adventure that sees you trying to stop hades from ruining your holiday in Greece.

In Godly you take on the role of a young holidaymaker who has ended up choosing the same holiday destination as Hades, The Greek God of the Underworld. Even though he’s on holiday Hades is still causing chaos, with his minions taking over the … Read More

Lofi Room – Game Jam Build

Lofi Room is a charming little rhythm action hidden object game in which you have to find and play seven musical instruments to create a lofi hip-hop beat.

Taking just a few minutes to play through, Lofi Room is a simple but fun little game that sees you searching for musical instruments in your room then playing them to build up a tune piece by … Read More