ROTA – Kickstarter Demo

ROTA is a tricky minimalist 2D puzzle platformer that sees you manipulating gravity to reach the exits of deviously designed levels.

In ROTA you can shift your direction of gravity by walking around the outside edge of an object and you can also shift the direction of gravity of moveable boxes by punching them and pressing a direction. Another important gameplay mechanic is that you … Read More

Trianga’s Project: Battle Splash 2.0 – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

We have 500 Steam Early Access keys to giveaway for Trianga’s Project: Battle Splash 2.0, a fast, fun non-violent Anime-styled multiplayer arena shooter that allows up to 32 players to join in massive water fights!

As we mentioned during the Open Beta, Trianga’s Project: Battle Splash 2.0 is actually the first Battle Splash game to be released, but it’s called 2.0 due to … Read More

Hyperspace Delivery Service – Alpha Download

Hyperspace Delivery Service plays like a fun fusion of FTL and The Oregon Trail as you manage your spaceship, deal with random events and complete minigames, while attempting to deliver a package into the outer reaches of space in just 500 days.

In Hyperspace Delivery Service you take control of your spaceship as you attempt to deliver a package hundreds of lightyears through space. As … Read More

Dragon Crisis – Student Project Game

Dragon Crisis is a fun blend of Snake and shoot ‘em up action as you control a mechanical dragon that you can extend with a variety of different turret sections.

In Dragon Crisis you pilot a serpentine mechanical dragon that roams an asteroid field. You have to fend off increasingly tough waves of spaceships and bosses using the turrets attached to your modular body. As … Read More