Rebound – Game Jam Build

Rebound is a clever little isometric single player puzzler and multiplayer battle game that sees you navigating a hazard-filled isometric terrain with a little bouncing ball.

In Rebound you control a little ball that can hop one space or jump two spaces. In the single player mode you are tasked with navigating a series of challenging levels which involve you collecting keys and making your … Read More

MOODFOOD – Game Jam Build

MOODFOOD is a fast paced arena shooter where the enemies are the least of your worries – the arena is trying to kill you too!

In MOODFOOD you must fight for your life in a deadly cyberpit for the entertainment of “The Governess”. You’ll have to fend off lots of the her pets, coming in the form of cannon-welding cybermen, glitchy ghosts that screw up … Read More

pla_toon – Beta Download

pla_toon is a light-hearted multiplayer military shooter that features charming cartoony visuals, high calibre weapons, environmental destruction and drivable vehicles.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer two years ago while it was still named plaToon, pla_toon brings physics-based cartoon violence to the multiplayer military shooter. It’s playable in first person or third person and features Deathmatch, Team-Deathmatch and Capture The Flag game modes (with … Read More