Shadow Gangs – Kickstarter Demo (Dreamcast)

Shadow Gangs is a Deamcast port of the retro side scrolling ninja beat ‘em up action game where a ninja master takes on a deadly crime organisation.

The original Shadow Gangs was released in 2020 and is a retro side scrolling action game that draws inspiration from arcade classics like Shinobi and Shadow Dancer. Now it’s coming to Sega’s long defunct Dreamcast console, complete … Read More

Planet Boom – Beta Demo

Planet Boom is a fast paced and challenging Missile Command-esque planetary defence game where you attempt to control and upgrade your defenses to protect your planet from alien invaders.

In Planet Boom you are tasked with defending your planet from waves of alien ships. To do this you are given command of different types of turrets (which you can switch between once you have … Read More