Fortune Finder – Game Jam Build

Fortune Finder is a creepy little retro treasure hunting adventure where you avoid evil spirits and dig up graves to unlock a crypt full of loot.

In Fortune Finder you take control of a treasure hunter who enters an eerie graveyard equipped with a shovel, a lantern and a skull that flashes when you’re near a key. You need to use the skull to help … Read More

Trapout – Kickstarter Demo

Trapout is a tricky little escape room point and click adventure where every second counts as you solve puzzles and attempt to escape before you die.

The full game of Trapout will follow six individual characters who were all kidnapped and find themselves trapped in separate unique escape rooms. They will have to search for clues, solve puzzles and work fast to escape their rooms … Read More

New Message – Game Jam Build

New Message is a creepy little low rez Black Mirror inspired first person horror game where you find someone’s cell phone and follow the instructions that are texted to it from a mysterious stranger.

Drawing inspiration from “Shut Up and Dance” from season 3 of Black Mirror, New Message starts with you picking up a phone that a nervous looking guy on a train … Read More