Onlooker – Student Game Download

Onlooker is a creepy little psychological thriller where you uncover the confessions of a voyeur who peeped on guests via hidden passageways in an old hotel.

Created by a team of four students from Westerdals Oslo, Onlooker is a dark little first person thriller where you take on the role of a journalist who has been given a tip on a story at an old … Read More

Heavenly Bodies – Alpha Demo

Heavenly Bodies is a tricky zero gravity QWOP-like where you use your hands and arms to help your 1970’s cosmonaut complete scenarios in space.

Currently in development by 2pt Interactive, Heavenly Bodies tasks you with completing various objectives while struggling to propel yourself around weightless environments in space. With no gravity to allow your feet to get any traction you need to use your hands … Read More