π√ (a.k.a. Piroot) – Prototype Download

π√ (a.k.a. Piroot) is a great little physics based action platforming metroidvania where you control a little ball shaped robot as it discovers the secrets of a strange planet it crash-lands on.

In π√ (a.k.a. Piroot) you are a little round eyeball-shaped being that is housed within a round robotic housing. You’re incapable of jumping, but you are capable of pome surprising feats of agility if you get the right momentum when hitting a bump or attempting to climb up an area. After crash-landing on an alien planet you go for a spin and discover there’s a lot hidden beneath its surface.

There are traps to dodge, puzzles to solve and enemies to dodge as you explore below the surface of the mysterious planet. You discover new abilities as you progress, first of which is a gun which you can aim with the right stick. While the gun is handy for accessing new areas it does detract from the enjoyment physics based platforming a bit as you suddenly have to deal with a lot more enemies and as your gun is (currently) very weak the combat isn’t as fun as it could be. This could easily be remedied though by either reducing the amount of enemies or increasing the power of the gun.

Aside from the combat, π√ is shaping up very nicely. The pixel art animation is excellent, the physics based ball rolling platforming gameplay is great fun and the game world is very well designed. A rolling metroidvania adventure well worth taking for a spin.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download π√ (a.k.a. Piroot) Prototype Here (Windows)