03:17 am – Game Jam Build Download

03 17 am game download

03:17 am is a beautiful, stylish and mysterious little point and click adventure in which you decide what to do with a box that your ex-partner trusted you to deliver to his father.

The story of 03:17 am takes place in a diner late at night, with you and your work buddy having a few beers and discussing what to do with a sealed box that was given to you by your estranged ex – with explicit instructions not to open it and to take it to his father. You’re a regular in the diner, so are friendly with the staff, who are also happy to listen to your problems and offer advice, but there’s also another odd character who turns up to offer their 10 cents. You don’t think you’ve seen this stranger before, but those boots are pretty familiar and he certainly seems to know you, very well indeed…

It’s an interesting game that does a great job of relaying narrative and backstory via the idle chatter of friends and strangers. It cleverly blends of real life problems with a touch of sci-fi oddity and refrains refrains from spelling things out for the player too much. Wether you decide to open the box, deliver it as promised or just throw it away, the diner of 03:17 am is the perfect place to hang out and make up your mind.

Download 03:17 am Here (Windows & Mac)