1 Slot Wonder – Game Jam Build

With bags of holding and massive inventories, it’s easy to horde items and bring them wherever you need them. In 1 Slot Wonder, however, there are four tools you might need, but only one can be held in your inventory at once.

You have four different inventory slots, but picking up any item forces the item you had been using to pop right out of your inventory. 1 Slot Wonder is a platformer with many different places where you’ll need each tool. Jumping shoes help you jump higher, a sword helps you destroy enemies, a slingshot can be used to hit and remove tiles, while a hammer can break rocks in the way.

To keep a hold of each item, you’re going to have to start juggling – throwing items you might need later up to a higher platform, to where you’re going to need them next. Once you have most of the items thrown up there, you can go up yourself. Sometimes this results in dropping items or throwing items you might need. 1 Slot Wonder does have a little undo, that puts all of the items back at your feet if needed.

The core concept of 1 Slot Wonder is quite unique and very well implemented. Throwing items ahead of you does take some time, especially as you seem to always need a few more items up ahead. It’s a fun and challenging game where you have to plan ahead to make sure you have the right tools for the job!

Download 1 Slot Wonder Here (Windows)