10 Dead Doves – Alpha Demo

10 Dead Doves is a 00’s styled fixed perspective narrative-driven horror adventure where two goofy hikers go in search of a mysterious hidden location called the Ant Farm.

In 10 Dead Doves you follow the adventure of Marcus and Sean – two long term hiking buddies who set out in search of the Ant Farm – a mysterious place with a dark past. Their journey to the Ant Farm won’t be easy. Not only because its location is a secret and Sean didn’t fill the car with petrol, but also because there’s a freaky monster in the woods and rumours of a killer called “Hamburger Dough”. To add to the mystery, Marcus keeps having cryptic dreams about a bird-like figure with a fondness of poetry.

Some of the dialogue could do with being tightened up a little, but other than that 10 Dead Doves is off to a great start. It’s got a great 00’s inspired visual style, the story is very intriguing and the two protagonists are fun to hang around with. The pair bicker like an old married couple, but there is clearly a friendship there, somewhere behind the insults and complaining!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The 10 Dead Doves Alpha Demo Here (Windows)