10 Tasty Treats for Spooktober!

Looking for some interesting horror games to play this witching season? Have no fear (or have plenty of fear), we’ve got you covered with ten delicious treats to test your grey matter, your nerves and your reflexes over Spooktober!

Trappist Landing – Be the first to explore and document a beautiful, but deadly alien world.

ExIT – Escape a HAL-esque AI that’s infatuated with you in this thought provoking point and click adventure.

Living Nightmares – An eclectic mix of jump scares, surreal horror, FPS combat and a freaky two-faced doll.

Resident Evil RE(7)make – The original Resident Evil Remade in First Person.

Captive Audience – You’re the star of the show, whether you like it or not!

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories – A very tough roguelike survival horror game set in a mansion populated by Lovecraftian monsters.

Bitter Tides – Surreal Clive Barker-esque horror adventure with stealth and puzzle solving elements.

Beware – First person driving horror game where you’re relentlessly pursued by a bunch of goons in a car.

T-Rex Breakout – relive that terrifying T-Rex breakout scene from the original Jurassic Park movie.

Bio Evil 4 – Not scary, but this challenging Resident Evil 4 demake is a whole lot of fun!

Have a happy halloween!